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    Awi Heidelmann

    (I am currently at the Breaking Down Content outlook)
    So grateful that I am finally feeling I am landing on the topic of my eCourse and it feels valuable and exciting for me to create this… it is something along the lines of

    “How to use Intuitive Art to playfully receive guidance to “jumpstart” your creativity in order to built a thriving totally You-nique business/brand that nurtures your soul.”

    It will definatly be a series of eCourses with different focuses.
    Starting with the focus on connecting with one self to discover one’s you-nique access to creativity and guidance to distill/refine one’s brand.

    Main purpose of the course is (WHY)

    – to learn creative tools to connect with “source/universe” to access and trust soul guidance for creating a younique business (brand)
    – have the tools to move through personal blocks and charge up energy with intuitive creative play
    – to develop & refine intuition and awareness of the creative process to follow one’s own guidance no matter what
    – learn to trust how to create (a business, or anything) from within instead of following pre-made models or concepts of others (magic co-creation with the universe)

    Now I am trying to find some linear structures to facilitate this journey.

    The challenge is that I want to introduce different intuitive art techniques to receive guidance and to train awareness first. That will need some practice. And then guide people to specific journeys, having them choose their favorite techniques to reveal insights. I am looking at the journeys I want to send them on and maybe see if I could also teach the intuitive art tools on the concreate examples (to simplify or bring together the techniques and the intential journeys) but so far I am not certain that this is what would work best. I have to feel into it and receive guidance myself.

    But this would be somewhat the basis outline of the course:

    1) Get to know and practice 8 Creative Intuition Tools and develop/refine Energy Awareness, receiving guidance
    2) Specific intentional journeys to receive intuitive clarity on specific brand components
    3) Bringing it together into One: Integrative application to a specific creative project of individual choice
    4) Presenting / Sharing “the project” with others
    5) Feedback & Integration
    6) Celebration

    The more detailed structure or components that I am seeing at this point

    1. Getting Started – Intuitive Art Tools & Practice

    Intuitive Art Tools

    1. channeled drawing for personal process and awareness training
    2. channeled drawing for guidance
    3. photo vision quest
    4. intuitive photo remix
    5. music: soultrax, shuffle play
    6. dance, mindful movement (body wisdom)
    7. intuitve writing: random headline poetry
    8. body & desire mapping vision boarding (need title)

    Awareness & Reading Practice

    1. taking time to create (practice the tools)
    2. intention/commitment setting
    3. letting go of judgement, trusting the process (knowing the creative wave)
    4. when to use personal process/journey art and intention art
    5. be able to tracking awareness, energy, creative flow, inspiration
    6. learn to interpret/read art according to intention
    7. reflection, receiving insight, receive and give feedback to/from others
    8. integration sharing, expanding field
    9. heart-inspired action

    2. Receiving Guidance & Messages through (Brand) Exploring Journeys 

    1. discover more about your essence/passion (who are you on soul level)
    2. insight/different perspective about life challenges (your younique path)
    3. shadow integration (jewels in the dark)
    4. transformation story (your teaching)
    5. soul calling (your message)
    6. remix your skills (your unique way)
    7. your true colors (brand colors)
    8. business vision (why)

    3. Remixing it together into One: Integrative Creative Project (they can choose which one)

    • soul portraits
    • cover art / header image
    • blog post
    • about me (page)
    • video
    • logo
    • music piece

    offer Creative Process (Guidance) Coaching if desired

    4. Presentation: (organizing and dealing with fears of being seen)

    • Website
    • Social Media
    • Newsletter
    • Exhibition
    • Show

    Issues to address with creative tools:

    • judgement by self and others (perfectionism)
    • “love-me” energy vs. self-value
    • overwhelm / energy management
    • getting support / team
    • etc.

    5. Receiving Feedback & Integration
    getting feedback from audience, clients, etc. and integrating it in refining brand, creative piece

    (still to be refined)

    6. Celebration

    So far for now… still working on the details for what’s going to be in each step and still pondering if I could combine the tools and journeys.

    What ya’ll think, feel so far? Is it clear enough what the value of this course is…
    PS: (btw: It is made for trail-blazing conscious creators and entrepreneurs, transformation agents more on the introverted, sensitive side enjoying the playfulness of co-creation with the universe, basically venturing into the unknown as they offer things in a very new way…)


    Awi Heidelmann

    man I hate these html tags. anything you can do about it @andyfreist?

    nevermind I erased the html tag by hand … i think they get ther if I copy it from evernote…

    however now I cannot erase this message as there is no delete option… mmmm


    Deb Robson

    (The HTML tags appear no matter where you copy from. I’ve put a note in the bug area about it. I’m removing them all manually, which is a pain–literally.)

    Awi, I think your first section could also be offered as a standalone short course, for people who want to play with art and intuition without a practical immediate application in mind.



    Lorraine Watson

    Piggy backing on Deb @robson – I think this could be three courses – 1, 2 and 3-5. That would lead people on a journey from learning the tools, application in branding and then application.

    That would also leaving time in between for practice and integration before moving to the next step.


    Awi Heidelmann

    many thanks for your feedback. @lorrainewatson and @robson

    well, I already taught the first part as an solo ecourse twice … now I want to step it up and connected to my branding business. (And I was encouraged by our guides Andy and Bradley to go that route addressing those in business who do value this journey appropriately.)

    However that’s not enough “graduates” and so offering this applied course I have to give the tools first to people who don’t know them yet…. to simplify I am pondering if I can merge part 1 and 2 somehow (using a specific tool for a specific journey)… I will feel into this.

    Funny I already layed out 2 more classes in continuation of this… so urgggg… don’t want this to be a life long journey… with too many parts. Always seems to be my problem it gets more and more detailed … I wish I knew how to edit, and simplify… it’S the fear of leaving important things out. I need @andyfreist ‘s skills! Teach us… simplification!


    Lorraine Watson

    A couple of thoughts @awi

    – is having only a few graduates from the first course / section a bad thing? Those are the people you know are really interested. They are the ones who want to climb further up the mountain. You can charge more for the next level and get a little deeper. Same for the third part as an applied course. You’ll likely have fewer people going all the way to this step BUT they are very keen. You can charge more and go even deeper than if you were trying to bring all the people along from basecamp. Reminds of Everest … there are some people who take the hike along base, those who travel up to a base camp and then those who go all the way to the top.

    – if you want to combine all into one, I too wonder if you have to include all the tools and awareness in order to get to the applied branding part. You could use just a few and then make reference to if they want to learn the other techniques, they can take your first course separately. If this is a branding course, I think you don’t need to be comprehensive with the tools and awareness practices. If this is a Intuitive Art and Awareness course then you should cover more.

    My opinion anyway.



    Awi Heidelmann

    @lorrainewatson thanks for your thoughts!!

    – first no it’S been only about 20 grads and maybe only 5 if at all at the stage of building a brand. So …

    – well my approach to branding is letting soul-lead, so the awareness and channeling skills are essential… however I may have to pick only one of the most essential components of branding to journey about to receive the most insights that they can apply to their branding. The focus here is the personal inner journey not the brand building itself… there are plenty courses out there follwong mind models.

    – I guess it’s back to Architect forrest for me… and using my own tools to receive guidance on this… embodied teaching (walking my talk) after all. hahah hilarious!


    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    First off, I removed the visual editor from the forums which was causing the html tag issue.. So now were back to the plain ol’ text editor..

    As for simplification, I will leave you with this:

    When you are breaking things down and its getting rather large and complex ask you self how you can “go meta”. The idea here is that you can go up a level, to a higher understanding that also includes the smaller things. But instead of explaining ever little detail, you explain the higher concept, which provides the map for them to figure out the rest. Teach them how to think, rather than telling them 10,000 thoughts they should be thinking..

    This has come up with The Great eCourse Adventure many times. Certain modules would start to get extremely technical and complex and then wed have to ask ourselves, “Are we approach this right? Is this actually going to be helpful? Or is there something else that wants to come through?”..

    In most cases, the answer was to take the bigger picture approach..

    For instance, camp medias was going to be all about technology (gear tips, lighting tips, editing tips, etc etc)

    Now it is all about a higher level understanding of what makes good media.

    A good idea with crap technology can still make a good product.

    A bad idea with great technology makes a bad product.

    So it came clear that the technology simply doesnt matter.

    So instead of talking about all that BS, we are going to teach you how to come up with great ideas that create great media, and it doesnt make a difference what tech you are using..

    The big question here is this: How can you “go meta” and render the details obsolete/unneccessary?


    Awi Heidelmann

    @andyfreist thank you for this – very good reminder! Feels like I need to get more to the essence of it or better the big picture… i’ll take an aeroplane then for a bit.


    Kate Arms

    The nice thing about building a big picture course is that you could either offer deep dive courses yourself on all the other areas.

    Or, you could find people who work with your ideal clients and offer the deep dive courses to partner with.


    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    Totally! When you take the big picture approach, it makes you think outside the box. And as Kate pointed out, you can always fill in the details later if necessary. Generally speaking, it is far more valuable to teach a new way to approach something. If you do that right, then you empower people to work out the details themselves.

    I don’t think we need more tricks and techniques – what we need is new ways of seeing the world. The details will follow…


    Deb Robson

    Bravo, @andyfreist.


    Awi Heidelmann

    i get the concept of meta view and agree with the approach but at this point have no idea how to move forward practically with my course… it is integrated in my business wich is addressing the bigger picture of fully seen marketing through authentic presence & relating … so this course just focused on ways to get there… being more visible with our gifts and flaws to create authentic human connection instead of competetive fight for attention and money. So I dont know how to move forward with the course really. sorta wanna just give up and to my thing now… meh.


    Awi Heidelmann

    also i already work with 2 others… and I am going to include them in creating my eCourse.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Hey @awi, here’s an idea that may help.

    1. Pretend you are your client.
    2. Come up with a series of exercises that you’d take your client through (your process).
    3. Then do them.
    4. When done, write yourself a testimonial sharing your experience and breakthroughs.

    Rather than give up, strive to have more fun and mess around a bit til the details become clear.

    In the process of messing around, you’ll probably come up with some revolutionary exercises 🙂


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