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    Deanna Gibbons

    I created a first draft of a quiz  for potential students of my course (teens) to take to give them a clear path to focus on their entrepreneurial journey. There are only 7 questions and they really need to be more specific and polished. I posted it in another forum and Bradley suggested I create a new thread so I can get some help fleshing out the questions.   The outcomes are not complete, so you will see some notes to myself in there. Once the quiz is ready, I will be recording video for each of the outcomes as my main character Agent D.

    If you have a second, can you go to take a look at the quiz and offer up any feedback you can give? Better, more focused questions. Better entrepreneurial types (outcomes), etc. That type of thing.

    Here are the four paths I have set up:

    The Maker. You are creative. You love to DIY. The Maker has lots of ideas and isn’t afraid to make them a reality. As an Entrepreneur, you will excel at creating and selling self-made products. You are in the company of other teen Makers like Acacia Woodley of Tiny Girl, Big Dreams and Hart Main of ManCans.

    The Loner. The Loner prefers to work alone and provide a service to a business or consumers. Oftentimes they are found working behind a computer screen or in other solo activities, like mowing lawns. An example of a teen Loner is Zach Weisenthal of Zach’s Web Design.

    The Technician.  The Technician loves the new technology, like apps, gadgets and programming languages. You are in the company of other teen Technicians like Juliette Brindak of the teen website Miss O and Friends and Brian Wong of Kiip, a rewards platform that lets brands and companies give real-world rewards for in-game achievements.

    The Social Champion. You care about your community. You are a philanthropist. The social champion is driven by social change. Social champions care about the environment, bullying, community and so much more. One amazing teen Social Champion is Acacia Woodley of Tiny Girl, Big Dreams who makes Friendship Bench’s to sell to schools to help ease bullying at schools.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Thanks for posting this Deanna. A few quick questions/requests before we dig in here…

    1. Did you make up the four different names? Or are they something that you picked up elsewhere. The only reason I ask, is I think they could be more “Agent’y.” As though they’re a part of a Squad or something. Know what I mean? That’s just my opinion.

    2. Could you actually post ALL the questions and answers here in the thread, so i can comment on them here, rather than go through the survey? Is that possible?

    3. I think the FOUR answers for each question need to almost polorize the FOUR qualities of character you’re shooting for. That way, it is super obvious which entrepreneur type folks are.

    I’m really excited about this!!


    Lorraine Watson

    Deanna @teenlaunchacademy – am I correct the group you want to work with are the social champions? There seems to be a lot more energy around that description than the others. If that’s the case, would there be a person / website / program / community you could direct them to pursue further investigation.


    Chris Gilmour


    Hello Deanna,

    Congratulations on getting this site up, I love the branding and imagery!  Here are some initial thoughts:

    – I like where your going with the quiz but agree with Brad, to me the questions don’t all clearly point to one of your 4 paths. I also feel like they might leave out some key personalities. When I was in high school I remember there were 4 major cliques of teens ( i know this is a bit different than the personality types as they relate to creating a business but I think they are relavent as to “how” teens identify themselves) who each had a major influence that really defined their subculture. Those influences were:

    1. Sports – The Jocks,
    2. Listening to Music – Punks & Grunge – Skateboarders, Metalheads, Hip Hop/Rap, Country (these were all smaller different groups but often still had more in common with each other than with the other cliques)
    3. Technology & Computers – The Techies
    4. Drama, Music (playing it, ie: school band), and Art – We called them the “dram kids” or “thesbians”

    I know there would be crossovers as to what careers these different teens may be interested in but I know at my school at least, most ppl really defined themselves as being part of one of these groups. Just wondering if this may be helpful in your 4 groupings and survey.

    So how that might relate to your first question: “My favorite hang out spot is”

    I was one of the ones who defined myself by music tastes. I was entrepreneurial minded back then but I don’t think I would have connected with any of the 4 choices. I would have selected something like – “The local skateboard shop” or “Out in Nature” or “At a Concert” whereas a lot of folks might say “at a sporting event” or “at the mall”  or “Playing music with my friends”

    I know there are a million possibilities here and you need to refine to 4 but I thought some of this may still be useful.

    For question 2, would “to be my own boss” and “because I have a cool idea” be good answers? I do like question 2’s answers already. Could there be an “other” fill in the blank answer or is this survey going to group them in one of the 4 categories at the end? An “other” category may be useful to you as a mentor but may not support your work to put them in a category if that is the intention.

    Question 3: I like the tech museum and avoiding lrg crowds. How many teens would know what the “FamiLab Market place” would be? I’m also not sure what “the denver zoo” is really telling you other then they like animals which most ppl do.  What about two “theoretical” options such as: “A Leadership & Entreprenurial confrence with teens from across the country with great business ideas” & “A Networking Conference with global and industry leaders protecting the environment and creating positive social change at school and in the world” ?

    Question 4: I would suggest giving another cpl examples on Philanthropy club, not sure if all teens would know what you mean so more examples may be good. What about sports teams and music? Sports teams I think would suggest a bit of an go-getter kind of attitude as well as being a team player.

    Question 5: what about:

    – Creative & Outgoing

    – Compassionate & Care about the World

    – Love technology, gadgets and my smartphone

    – Like to spend time by myself working on a good project

    Question 6: I’m not sure all teens would know who these people are. I Think most would know Mark Zuckerberg & Facebook & hopefully Thomas Edison, mayby for him add “inventor of the modern light bulb” . What about Ghandi or the Dali Lama for the socially consious person?

    I like question 7.

    Hope this is helpful, Congrats on getting so far, Lets keep climbing towards launch summit!





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    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    Seriously, I just LOVE what you’re doing Deanna! I can FEEL the theme! It is so awesome!!!

    I’ve taken your quiz twice (it’s so fun!) as there were a few I could do 2 answers (but I’m not a teenager anymore- say what?! how’d that happen??). The answers I got can make sense for me as a combo!

    I think you’re getting great feedback with the questions getting really specific to the types.

    I agree on the names, if they could be more agent like- that’d be cool. Even something like:

    The Creative Agent: (the maker)

    You’ve got the know how to get the mission done!
    The Independent Agent: (the loner)

    You take on your missions solo- you are a team all in one.
    The Tech Agent: (the technician)

    Gadgets, you’ve got em!
    The Change Agent: (the social champion)

    Your mission is to better the world.

    Just some thoughts. Again, everything you’ve got is beyond awesome!!!! So excited for you!!


    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    Youre definitely on the right track Deanna!

    I agree with the other comments about making the profile types feel a bit more agent-y. Also I’d rephrase the “loner” one, to something more desireable 😉 It’s best if they all feel awesome, so you dont get people feeling like they wish they were another profile type 😉

    I really like Bobby Jo’s suggestions!

    As for the questions – others have brought up some great points. One thing in particular is to make sure kids actually understand the provided answers/options.

    Also, one possibility in regards to Chris’ note about not neccessarily resonating with any of the options, is that in some cases you can actually have 8 answers – with 2 answers corresponding to a single outcome. That way it gives the kids more of a choice, and more of a chance that they will resonate with one of the options provided



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Bobbie Jo, I LOVE your agent names. Super duper cool!!

    Deanna, I’d love to see you copy and paste all your survey questions and answers into this thread, so we can help make them even better and more aligned with your Agent titles.

    I love Andy’s suggestion on potentially giving 8 answers with TWO proper answers for each of the Agent possibilities.

    Curious where you’re at with all the feedback you’ve been getting  😀


    Deanna Gibbons

    Thanks for all the feedback everyone. @lorrainewatson, yes, the social champions are the ones the course is geared for (and that I love working with). I guess it’s pretty obvious. LOL @chrisg this is going to be a survey where they are put into a certain category at the end. I appreciate the feedback on your clique experience. I think having more answers as @andyfreist mentioned might help with what you are saying. Thanks andyfreist for the suggestion. I put the questions and answers below and would love more input. @kapakai8gmail-com thanks for the agent names you suggested (and the little tag lines) I will change them up as you suggested.


    Here is the quiz in whole with the suggested answers. Feel free to leave more input. I’ve got a good chunk of time this weekend to work on the course.

    1. What types of after school activities do you participate in?
    I don’t. LONER
    Philanthropy Clubs (LGBTQ, community service, etc) SOCIAL CHAMPION
    Science & Tech Clubs (Robotics, Lego) TECHNICIAN
    Creative Clubs (Photography, Art, etc) MAKER

    2. My friends would say I am…
    Creative MAKER
    Compassionate SOCIAL CHAMPION
    A Loner LONER
    Never far from my smartphone TECHNICIAN

    3. You just won $1000. What would you do with the money?
    Buy a new computer TECHNICIAN
    Donate some of it to a charity SOCIAL CHAMPION
    Go on a shopping spree at the hobby store! MAKER
    Put it in my savings account LONER

    4. My favorite hang out spot is…
    Hunting Pokemon in my town LONER
    Library or Animal Shelter SOCIAL CHAMPION
    Home on my Computer TECHNICIAN
    In my craft room MAKER

    5. What attraction would you rather visit?
    The Tech Museum in San Diego TECHNICIAN
    The Denver Zoo SOCIAL CHAMPION
    The FamiLAB Makerspace in Orlando TECHNICIAN
    I prefer to avoid large crowds LONER

    6. What entrepreneur would you like to meet?
    Thomas Edison, American Inventor MAKER
    Blake Mycoskie, Founder of Tom’s Shoes SOCIAL CHAMPION
    Richard Branson, Business Magnate and Virgin Airlines Owner TECHNICIAN
    Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Founder LONER

    7. Why do you want to start your own business?
    To make a difference in the world SOCIAL CHAMPION
    To create the next big tech innovation TECHNICIAN
    To spend my days focusing on what I love to do LONER
    To unleash my creative genius. MAKER


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Awesome Deanna. Thanks for getting those up.

    One more thing. After each answer, can you add which character you’re counting their vote towards?


    7. Why do you want to start your own business?
    To make a difference in the world (The Change Agent)
    To create the next big tech innovation (The Tech Agent)
    To spend my days focusing on what I love to do (The Independent Agent)
    To unleash my creative genius. (The Creative Agent)

    This’ll just give us a clearer look at what you’re thinking for each Q & A.

    (you can do that by just editing your original post where you shared all the Q & A’s)

    Stoked to see all the support coming in for this idea!



    Deanna Gibbons

    Okay, back to business. I have updated the thread (HERE) with the entrepreneur types. I’d love more feedback.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Thanks Deanna. I just wanna acknowledge, I have be reading this and am stewing upon it. I’ve put all the answers into a document and will spend some time over the next week refining and tweaking to see what I can come up with.

    If we’ve got it to a place where we can discuss, then Andy and I will dig into it on next Wednesday’s coaching call. If you can be there, then be prepared to come on camera   😉



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Hey Deanna, I’ve been sick for almost a week, so I haven’t given this the attention I wanted to.

    I have increased it from 4-6 agent types and am working on it.

    Will get’er back to you as soon as I am well enough to give it my attention.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Here is my re-do of number one. Still not sold on the six names, but you’ll see where it’s going.

    1. What types of after school activities do you participate in?

    I like to read books.     THE STRATEGIST (Great at making a plan and keeping a team on course, problem solving, research)

    I volunteer my time      THE HUMANITARIAN  (Thinks with their heart and is only considered with the good of the world)

    I love being on my computer  THE TECHNOLOGIST (uses technology to bring business ideas to life and connect people)

    I do art and make stuff    THE CREATOR (turning ideas into real products and services people want to buy)

    I play sports or games    THE ACTIVATOR (directing projects, activating ideas, inspiring people)

    Mostly just hang with friends    THE COMMUNICATOR (marketing, communications, messaging)

    What do you think about these names and descriptions?


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    All right Deanna, this is my best attempt at upgrading your quiz. There are now 8 questions, with six possible personality types. I’m sure you’ll be able to understand what each of the qualities would be. I still think they need more creative agent names. You may also want to come up with a couple more questions to make it an even 10. That way it’s most likely kids will get the appropriate agent type for them…  Hope this helps.   🙂

    1. What types of after school activities do you participate in?

    I like to read books.     THE INTELLECT
    I volunteer my time      THE HUMANITARIAN
    I love being on my computer    THE TECHIE
    I do art and make stuff    THE CREATOR
    I play sports or games    THE ACTIVATOR
    Mostly just hang with friends    THE COMMUNICATOR

    2. My friends would say I am…

    Artistic      THE CREATOR
    Kind hearted   THE HUMANITARIAN
    Thoughtful   THE INTELLECT
    Never far from my smartphone or computer    THE TECHIE
    Full of energy    THE ACTIVATOR
    Talkative       THE COMMUNICATOR

    3. You just won $1000. What would you do with the money?

    Ask my friends what they’d do with the money    THE COMMUNICATOR
    Buy a new computer THE TECHIE
    Go on some form of awesome adventure with a friend   THE ACTIVATOR
    Donate some of it to a charity THE HUMANITARIAN
    Buy supplies for a project I’ve been wanting to do! THE CREATOR
    Put it in my savings account THE INTELLECT
    4. Things I enjoy Google searching in my spare time.

    Pretty much anything I’m curious about knowing    THE INTELLECT
    I tend to watch either inspiring or entertaining videos  THE ACTIVATOR
    I research how to solve people’s or the world’s problems   THE HUMANITARIAN
    Future of tech articles & latest tech on the market    THE TECHIE
    I mostly just socialize on social media   THE COMMUNICATOR
    “How to videos” for things I want to learn to do   THE CREATOR

    5. If you were to be known for something you did in your community or the world at the end of your life, what would it be?

    That I invented something world changing   THE TECHIE
    That one of my ideas changed society in a positive way THE INTELLECT
    That something I did improved the lives of millions of people THE HUMANITARIAN
    That I was honest and true to my word  THE COMMUNICATOR
    That I always inspired and uplifted the people around me  THE ACTIVATOR
    That something I created will be valued for hundreds of years THE CREATOR

    6. Which entrepreneur’s work and impact inspires you the most?

    Oprah Winfrey, founder of Oprah    THE HUMANITARIAN
    George Lucas, creator of Star Wars    THE CREATOR
    Elon Musk, founder of Tesla  THE INTELLECT
    Richard Branson, Serial Entrepreneur at Virgin, Adventure-Seeker  THE ACTIVATOR
    Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Founder THE COMMUNICATOR
    Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, THE TECHIE

    7. Why do you want to start your own business?

    To make a difference in the world THE HUMANITARIAN
    To be able to connect with people around my passions  THE COMMUNICATOR
    To create the next big tech innovation THE TECHIE
    To spend my days focusing on what I love to do THE INTELLECT
    To make a living being creative. THE CREATOR
    To be my own boss and have freedom THE ACTIVATOR
    8. If your business made over $1,000,000 in your first year, what would you do?
    I’d design and build my dream home.  THE CREATOR
    I’d reinvest it back into the business so I can make $10,000,000 next year. THE INTELLECT
    I’d donate a big chunk to charity or start my own foundation  THE HUMANITARIAN
    I’d use the money to start up my next 1 or 2 businesses  THE ACTIVATOR
    I’d invest the money to have one of my inventions made  THE TECHIE
    I’d take my friends and family on a really cool trip  THE COMMUNICATOR


    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    Just an FYI, Thrive Themes recently released an AWESOME quiz builder plugin 🙂 I dont think they’ve publicly released it, but if you are a Thrive member you have access to it.

    It’s really good and does personality type quizzes amazingly.

    If you arent a full thrive member and cant access it, let me know, as ive got a magic solution 😉

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