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    Chris Gilmour

    Hey Everyone,

    We are going to launch a Kickstarter campaign to try and fund our course around crafting your own beautiful artisan craft cocktails and blowing your guests away.

    I would love your feedback on our landing page, video and the whole opt-in sequence.

    We will be using this to build our list before the Kickstarter launch and thus be able to give the Kickstarter campaign a good initial boost to get noticed –

    Thanks everyone!

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    Akasha Madron

    Hi Chris,

    I just signed up.  I can’t wait!  One of my housemates loves making wildcrafted cocktails, so I will definitely invite her.

    I love the idea!  This kind of cocktail is very popular in Berkeley where I live.

    I loved the photos throughout the video and on the site.  Very clear and good quality.

    Regarding the video, I’m with what Bradley said about the setting.  I kept thinking about how cold it and you all looked and was distracted thinking about that.

    Also, at the end.  All three of you took turns saying something about your roles and such.  You went last and said something very quickly.  I felt that the others had a longer more leisure time introducing themselves and talking about what they were bringing to the project.

    You said something very quickly and then went on to talking about crowdsourcing.  I recommend talking slower there so that people have a chance to digest what you are talking about.  I would also say you need just a tad bit more explanation.  I knew what you were talking about and I still could not comprehend what you were saying.

    I would change the background of the landing page.  It is very hard to read the white letters on that fence background.

    In the sign up sequence, I got all of the follow up pages quickly and and the writing was clear as to what to expect.

    Excellent work!

    Good luck!


    Anonymous @

    Looks great! I agree the outdoor cold video didn’t seem to fit. I would reshoot maybe with a green screen or in a fun atmosphere but great start!


    patti Phillips

    I really likes the tone of the video. Very friendly and welcoming. I do agree with the others about the environment. Cocktails in the winter just don’t have the same feel as cocktails in the summer. And also agree that the white font on the wood background is hard to see.

    All the best!



    Lorraine Watson

    Chris @chrisg – Love how you’ve pulled together a lot of things in such a short period of time. You guys are on a roll!

    Okay, I’m a winter person. I liked the winter backyard setting. 🙂 (Also reminded me a bit of Bob & Doug 🙂 Added an immediate sense of playfulness and fun I could get into.) I think you can address that by speaking to how crafted cocktails are year round and can be created for every season. Include a clip of a cocktail for each season? Turn the winter blues into a summer beach party?

    Landing page / sign up process comments:

    – I found the audio levels to be very soft. I had to crank up the volume and even then it wasn’t considerably loud.

    – contrast between the grey wood an white lettering makes reading difficult. Suggest reducing the transparency on the wood so it’s a bit faded, or add an almost transparent white box background for the text to sit in to provide the contrast.

    – what about the image of the outside wall of a cabin with a window. Inside the window are people partying with cocktails? The text could be put on something that looks like a poster or menu. Make that V-Bar come alive and dare us to pass on by without stopping in.

    – Opt in button needs better contrast, green and blue not great combo

    – need to theme your opt-in email and create / theme your own landing page. Super lost opportunity to keep the excitement going.




    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Weird, I thought I shared my feedback on this already? Or did you do two posts Chris?

    Agreed with Lorraine. Some great ideas on the themeification side of things.

    Could even see you offering a Cocktail menu when you send the ingredients list.

    It’s gotta be sexy (i think)



    Lorraine Watson

    Chris @chrisg – do you follow Tad Hargrave? He mentioned this crowdfunding resource you might be interested in.


    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    Awesome!! So stoked to see this come alive!

    I signed up 🙂

    Quick feedback: remove the grey wood background image and go with a solid color.. All the text becomes super hard to read with the wood background. I’d go with a dark grey, perhaps with a hint of green.

    If you end up reshooting the video, I’d probably do it in inside, in a really awesome ambient-lit kitchen. To me, the setting of the vid doesn’t really have the warm and inviting vibe that i think would work wonders here. Also, i can hear wind hitting the microphone 😉

    Lastly, after confirming email, all i get is the default activecampaign “thanks for subscribing” message. I’d set up a thank you/welcome page (after confirming) explaining next steps,etc

    Great job 🙂

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