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    Sara McCann

    Just completed Architekt Forest and this is my refine outline. I am finding that the screw it, let’s do it challenge has really helped push me into some quick decisions about my theme and personality. I think when you have to make a quick decision you tend to go with your heart and instinct and generally, that ends up being the right answer…or at least i hope so!


    An ecourse to help people stop smoking using hypnosis.


    I am so excited to create this because so many people believe stopping smoking to be hard and that they will suffer, feel lonely and miserable. I want to show them how the transformation can be fun and that they have all the tools within themselves to succeed – they just need to uncover them with my help. I want to show them how strong they really are and how fun life can be without cigarettes as so many smokers think life will be lacking without them somehow


    Smokers. In my experience many smokers feel trapped, lonely and frustrated. There is an incredible sadness about them…a hole in their sole if you will…and they use smoking as a crutch to overcome this, to give them confidence, to give themselves a friend. I often relate the relationship people have with smoking as an abusive one. Like someone in an abusive relationship has. At first it was ok, then slowly but surely they come to realise that their ‘partner’ isn’t quite the person they once thought they were, and that they are actually stripping them of their confidence, health and money. I view a lot of smokers as victims, and many have that victim mentality about them, with the same emotional struggles.


    They will be free from smoking and as a result have more money and better health. Not only that free from their abusive relationship with smoking… they will have more confidence, less anxiety and depression. They will feel stronger in themselves for having broken free from smoking and enjoy every aspect of life far more than before.


    I envision showing people how the relationship they are in with smoking is not one they need to be afraid to leave and how it is that abusive relationship that is causing so much unhappiness in their life and then show them how to escape that.

    I will do this by creating a story, ย and calling it (perhaps) ‘escape from nicotraz’,

    My student will be told they are on an island. An island they came to long, long ago, perhaps when they were a teenager. They came here because they thought it would be cool, bohemian, and being part of this island identified them socially. (as this is how and why most people start smoking) Slowly…over the years…they have started noticing other inhabitants disappearing, and the ones who remain seem to be losing their energy and vitality, their skin is looking grey, their teeth yellow and the island they once thought was fun and identified who they were as a person no longer seems to represent who they are anymore. (again…this is the stage that many smokers get to but by this point they don’t know how to walk away from it, or believe it to be too difficult to walk away from) They now look around them with a new perspective and realise, this is not an island…it is a prison.

    Each person on this island has their own best friend, someone who they share life’s up’s and down’s with. Now…with new clarity…the student starts to see that this best friend of theirs is actually a prison guard, a parasite sucking life from them daily (this represents the cigarettes)

    They need an escape plan and the strength to see it through, to free themselves from the life sucking, parasitical guards. The course will be their escape plan. At each step I journey with them, giving them psychological help and new perspectives to make the escape as easy and fun as possible. (as well as hypnotherapy of course!)

    One journey point I definitely want to include is a mountain they need to navigate…which is a mountain made from all the cigarettes they have ever smoked…it’s an unstable mountain and they must negotiate it and leave it behind ( psychological metaphor)

    Another journey point I would like to include is a one where they come across elephants tethered by only a small rope (maybe you’ve all read this empowering story?) How these huge elephants can be tied by such small, easily breakable ropes and yet they never try to break free. Letting the student take the psychological meaning from that after they speak to the elephants owner and he explains that the elephants never try to break free because when they were younger, those ropes were sufficient to hold them. Therefore, they learned that they couldn’t break free and stopped trying. Now, they are bigger, they can of course break them easily but because they believe they can’t they don’t even try.

    I want to create a story that reflects their psychological battle with the cigarettes so they learn how to overcome the cigarettes in reality by progressing and overcoming the prison guards in the story. I want it to be fun, make them feel like they have friend helping them through it, and I want them to enjoy the journey…getting sucked into it like you would a book…so that they start to enjoy the quitting process rather than dread it ย – like they have so many times before!

    Most smokers fear giving up smoking because they think it will be hard and lonely, and that they will suffer. Essentially I want this course to give them the opposite of that so that they find the fun in change and realise that escaping smoking is actually a joy..not a heartache – and something they WANT to do rather than dread doing!


    Fun, engaging, full of personality, empathy and warmth. Makes people smile. Captivating


    For my screw it, let’s do it challenge I am looking into creating my own whiteboard animations and am coming up with some cartoon type characters for this. I would like to include these characters in all my courses so it starts to create a brand and identity. The only thing is that I’m not sure they are going to fit with an ‘escape from nicotraz’ prison type theme…???…so the old grey matter is still pondering on that…




    Sue-Ann Bubacz


    awesome. love what you’re putting together:)

    sounds great and you’re off and running! Yay.

    (P.s. Did the kids in the closet get you on the prison track!!?? Lol)


    Sara McCann

    Thanks so much Sue-Ann. x Lol, yes, the kids are in their own mini prison right now…best place for them i reckon! ๐Ÿ˜‰


    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    Wow Sara! I love this! So much thought and heart in it! This is going to help so many people! ย That is an amazing story about the elephants!!


    Michael Kilkelly

    I love this idea! I think the escape narrative is really strong, given your topic. I’d recommend watching some escape genre movies (“Escape from Alcatraz”, “The Great Escape” and “Escape from New York” come to mind) for ways to strengthen your narrative. Looking forward to seeing this develop.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    The Rock is my favourite escape from Alkatraz movie.

    (more feedback coming soon)


    DavidJ Jurasek

    I wholeheartedly agree! This theme is poignant and compelling. The desire for freedom and away from feeling trapped is a very potent source of motivation. So excited imagining how many people will be excited to go through this journey with you!





    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    And with a family trip to Alcatraz coming up, let me know if you want any pictures from there. I’m sure you can find many online, but if you want a particular shot, I can do my best to accommodate.


    Sara McCann

    Guys, I can’t thank you enough for your positive support! I am literally dancing around the house and beaming from ear to ear that you all like the concept – I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to help people who are struggling to overcome nicotine and well…save their lives! I am on a mission! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Michael, that is a fantastic idea about watching some of the movies to get my imagination stoked even more. I had never even considered this so I am so grateful to you for this idea!

    & Dr Wayne, that is so very generous of you to offer to get some pictures for me – huge thank you for this. At the moment I don’t have concrete ideas about how to portray my story (i suspect this is going to be my stumbling block) so I have no idea what pictures I could ask you to take right now but hopefully things will start to take shape in time for your family trip away and I will let you know. Thank you!

    Bobbie Jo, Bradley and David – just thank you for your excitement! Your comments have made me motivated even more. x



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    I could imagine much of this journey will be done via the guided visualizations you facilitate for people. You also did a great job with the video experience you made in your intro. You could tell the story in a similar way, using imagery and voice over and storytelling just like that for the the lesson and to have those lessons lead into the guided audio experiences.

    What are your thoughts?


    Sara McCann

    Yes, I think you’re right and that sounds good. Certainly sounds more achievable and do-able than some of the grand ideas i had in my head as a way of doing it! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I just felt that my intro video was a bit amateurish and that i needed something much more professional to pull it off – but this could well be my ‘perfectionist’ streak trying to self sabotage my ideas again! Thanks Bradley.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Well, not necessarily. I think you should see how far you can take the vision that lights you up the most inside. There are MANY ways to bring a theme into your course and they don’t al include green screen, although they can if that’s what you’re really excited about.

    You could create alkatraz (sorry, Nicotraz) through your languaging, colour scheme, images, guided exercises (MP3).

    Each page of your course could be a different room on Nicotraz with a specific purpose.

    You could make your PDFs look like a piece of dirty paper that a “convict” would have on the floor to write their notes.

    You could use your skills in hypno to bring people to the jail they’ve put themselves in.

    So many ways to bring this theme to life that would’t require high production videos.


    Sara McCann

    It’s been a while, I think I definitely got lost in some kind of fog..but I think I’m ready to get out and refine as per the Refined Architekture Challenge. Here goes:

    WHAT: Escape from Smoking Course

    WHY: Because I don’t like to see people being robbed of their health, happiness and money by smoking.

    WHO: Long term smokers who feel the path to freedom from smoking is a miserable and lonely one

    TRANSFORMATION: Achieve greater confidence and become mentally and physically stronger in your new happy and successful life

    VIBE: A fun and daring adventure with friends to achieve life transformation you will love

    Starting to feel much clearer about this course and am itching to move forward and give it my best shot.



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    This course is gonna rock. One step in front of the next.

    Curious though. Which course comes first.


    Or is it a “Mindtrix presents: Escape from Nicotraz”

    and then Mindtrix is the umbrella, which creates all the different hypno courses for various purposes?


    Sara McCann

    And bam! Yep, I’ve just hit that very same brick wall of realisation. ๐Ÿ™

    Late last night…too late to be still sat at my computer really I was looking through progress logs on here and I realised I had started two…one for my walk in the park and one for a big main ecourse. My walk in the park ended up being The Mindtrix. BUT, instead of following all the mountain steps to create it I have winged it myself and done it in the 30 day challenge. Thing is, it’s pretty much finished now so hmm…what to do?…

    My thought in creating the Mindtrix was that it is almost a qualifier for my audience…in that…those who are interested in using the mind to help themselves, and create more success in their life will be the type of people willing to explore the option of using the mind to stop smoking, lose weight etc etc. So…a list built from the Mindtrix will hopefully be a warm and ready list for courses to cure specific problems in their life…I would hope!

    My idea with the Mindtrix was to give it away for free. Escape from Nicotraz would be a paid for course. I think if I released the Mindtrix I kind of have to have Escape from Nicotraz ready at the same time or very closely afterwards…otherwise I may lose the momentum from the Mindtrix?

    So really they need to be done together. Do you think it would be good to continue up the mountain to create Escape from Nicotraz and whilst doing so maybe dedicate one day a week to The Mindtrix to tweak, add to and polish…in line with the steps I am applying to escape from Nicotraz as I go up the mountain?

    Hmm…bit stuck now…I guess this is the ‘when i need it’ moment I was waiting for to book in that coaching call with you guys! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m off to find your email address! ๐Ÿ™‚

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