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    Lorraine Watson

    Here are some tools I use (or hope to use) that could be useful for ecourse creation –


    Qzzr ( )


    Forms / Surveys

    Typeform ( )


    Infographics –

    Piktochart – –

    Canva –


    Cover designs / artwork

    Canva –


    Image editing

    Pixlr –


    Interactive Mediums

    Google Hangouts


    Teleconferencing (lots of free services)

    Big Marker –


    Word Clouds

    List of some word cloud generators –




    Jutta Dobler

    Great! Thanks @lorraine. I did check out Qzzr yesterday. Been thinking of using a Quizz as an opt-in instead of the video series I have at the moment.


    Jessica Antonelli

    Thanks for all the goodies! I already love canva but I’m excited to check out these infographics links you sent. Gracias!


    Deb Robson

    Canva: Fascinating. I do a lot of work in the Adobe CreativeSuite, but sometimes it would be nice to have something much simpler! I appreciate the ability to precisely spec colors.


    Penny Claringbull

    Ribbet is another photoeditor that lets you play and create images. It doesn’t have the templates that canva does but it has other features that canva doesn’t.




    I use picmonkey as well as canva


    Christy Greenwood

    Thanks for the great info! Does anyone have a link or information to share about creating an Evernote file for participants to download?


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    @christy, if you skip ahead to Camp Medias Campfire, you can see a post that shows you exacly how to do that. The way the system is set up, you’ll have to go through all the lessons leading up to that and “Mark Complete” before you can access it. But it should only take you a few minutes.


    Christy Greenwood

    @bradleymorris Thank you! I’ll be patient and wait until I get there.
    Lovin’ the journey bro!! Diving in with both feet now!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    WOOHOO @christy!! It gets better the higher you climb up. We gotta catch-up. Can’t wait to hear where you’re at and how close to launching you are 🙂


    Christy Greenwood

    @ bradleymorris
    I’m going through it again as you lay down the tracks and it’s going well.
    I see my launch happening in May when launch summit opens up.
    June 1 at latest!


    Gaianna Love

    Ola @Andy 🙂

    Bradley just suggested that I ask you a couple of questions. Could you suggest the best calendar planner where people can book appointments and possibly pay and book appointments at the same time?

    Also, what is the best affiliate sign-up system that you found?

    Thank you so much!


    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    @gaianna_mahuna – I use for bookings.. it doesnt do paid ones though. I don’t really have any specific recommendations for that, as I’ve never done it myself. Though I do know that Woocommerce has a bookings extension..

    As for an affiliate system, we use and recommend

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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