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    Darla Antoine

    Ok, so this course has already helped me immensely! I had some ideas jotted down for a 7 week course on working with dreams and the lessons were all over the place and to diverse. I’ve pared it down to three modules, 6 lessons per module (the first and last modules being intro/preparation and closing/call-to-action), and have defined a clear goal for each module.

    So. I teach (mostly) women how to access both their subconscious and higher consciousness (I use Divine Wisdom as a blanket statement) through dreams and divination. I have a free 5 day eCourse called “Dream Magic: The Essentials” for new subscribers to my email list. I want to build off of that and create a 6-week course (3 lessons/week) on advanced dream work practices, and a separate 6-week course on advanced divination practices before marrying them in a peak-of-the-mountain type course.

    I’m not sure what to call this course yet, but “Dream Magic: Advanced” is the placeholder. I know I need a more descriptive tag line and any suggestions are welcome!

    Dream Magic: Invoke, Remember and Manifest Divine Wisdom _________________???

    I REALLY want to stay away from vague and “hot” phrases such as: empowerment, best self, spiritual, goddess, etc.

    The modules delve deeper into topics brought up in the free essentials course:

    MODULE 1: ADVANCED DREAM INCUBATION (again, title may change to reflect/play off of final course title)
    Call-to-Action: Create A Bedtime Ritual Conducive To Dreaming
    Lesson 1: Intro/preparation + what you will need + what to expect
    Lesson 2: A chakra meditation for better sleep and dreaming
    Lesson 3: Dream Incubation with The Elements
    Lesson 4: Creating A Dream Altar
    Lesson 5: Diet And Dreaming: What to eat and what to avoid before bed
    Lesson 6: Closing

    Call-to-Action: Create a Dream Recording Practice
    Lesson 1: Intro/preparation + what you will need + what to expect
    Lesson 2: Creating + Working with a Dream Journal
    Lesson 3: Dream Recall and Essential Oils
    Lesson 4: Working with Dream Fragments
    Lesson 5: Reentering a Dream
    Lesson 6: Closing

    Call-to-Action: Create a Dreamwork toolkit based on your own strengths and interests
    Lesson 1: Intro/preparation + what you will need + what to expect
    Lesson 2: Dreamwork vs. Dream Interpretation (Hint: Dreamwork is what you do with the interpretation)
    Lesson 3: Dreamwork and Synchronicity
    Lesson 4: Dreamwork with the Elements
    Lesson 5: Stringing Dream Fragments to Create a Narrative
    Lesson 6: Closing


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    YES! This is looking so good @darla. The lesson outlines are looking super clear and when you get to the Themes lesson, I’m stoked to see how you infuse this course with your creative magic.

    I agree, the tagline definitely could use some work. But I also feel like airing on the side of simplicity will be more appealing than trying to promise the world. Know what I mean?

    I think someone curious about dreamwork is going to recognize what you’ve created and be stoked to dive into the deep end with you.

    I also like the title: Dream Magic.

    Sounds fun to me!


    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    Dream Magic is a definite yes for me.. I really like that name. Now you just need a solid tagline that explains the nuts and bolts of what your course is about and why it matters.

    I agree with your sentiment about avoiding spiritual “bucket words”/hot phrases. They really server no purpose when the name of the game is zen simplicity and clarity.

    So taglines aside, can you briefly explain exactly what people will walk away with, in simple terms, after completing your course?

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