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    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    I know this goes against most of what we’re taught in the business world.

    “Find a need. Research it. Create the solution. Market the solution to those who need it.”

    With The Great eCourse Adventure, @andyfreist and I took a different approach.

    Realizing we would NOT have purchased our old eCourse Creation Blueprint course, we started asking ourselves questions like:

    – What kind of eCourse would we have actually paid money for?
    – What kind of learning experience would keep us excited and engaged?
    – How would we want to be sold to when arriving at the website of this eCourse?
    – How would we want our relationship to feel with the teacher of the course?
    – If we were looking for this eCourse, what kind of results would we expect to get?
    – How much would we have been willing to pay for this course?

    Asking these questions and many others like them took us down a deep rabbit hole.

    In fact, had we not asked these questions you would not be here right now.

    Instead, we’d probably be trying to sell you our boring old Blueprint for way too much money…

    Instead though, we asked these questions and answered them truthfully.

    We decided to honour our artist Selves and dream up an idea that had never been done before. We designed this world you’re now in because it was something we would have loved to have purchased for ourselves.

    Don’t create something that you think the world needs. Create something that you would want to buy.

    Do this and…
    1. You’ll stay excited and committed to the process of building it.
    2. You will be thoughtful and considerate of your customer’s experience when thinking of what you’d want.
    3. You will believe in the finished product so much that it’ll sell itself.
    4. The people who are like you will appreciate that you made it just for them.

    This theory may not be 100% accurate for all businesses and cases, but there’s a good chance it will be true if you’re intending on building a unique, engaging eCourse for your ultimate customer.


    Describe the kind of eCourse experience you would LOVE to purchase.


    Describe the kind of eCourse experience you wished you would have had when you needed it most.



    This approach hits my inspiration button, rather than duty reflex. My training often says move toward duty, but my instinct is to move toward what I am magnetized to-only one of these approaches brings happiness.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Imagine building something that you’re magnetized to building because you know you would be magnetized to buying it. There MUST BE a lot of others out there who will feel just as charged about the creation you are most inspired to create if it jazzes you up that much.

    That’s been the case for us and I stand by that assumption until it is proven wrong 🙂


    Rodolfo Menjivar

    Good post and lots of good questions to ask myself. I had been thinking a lot lately about what I need to learn in the areas of the Physical, mental and spiritual and how I would like to learn about these topics. It has been really eye opening as I ask myself, while I think of ways to deliver my message, if I would take this course or like to do that kind of module.


    Rick McGillicutty

    I really like this question too. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to convince people to buy the things I was selling… even when I didn’t fully believe in them or would not have necessarily bought them. Sure I’d make sales, but it was ultimately a very dissatisfying existence.

    Creating something meaningful for ME that will serve someone who is like ME is fulfilling all the way around for ME and for them. Making this creative process about me (what I’d want) will in the end make their experience far more meaningful, powerful and transformational.

    I like the questions you’re asking @rodolfomenjivar.
    Based on what you’ve fleshed out for your course and now that you’re asking those questions, what are you feeling? Would you be excited to buy what you’ve come up with so far? If no, how come or how could you modify and improve it? If yes, what about it would make you excited, inspired and intrigued to buy it?


    Lorraine Watson

    – What kind of eCourse would I have actually paid money for?

    – small / more intimate size for trust to develop to a level where vulnerability can occur
    – active participation by most
    – rich conversations
    – leader / instructor is an active participant, feel like you’re getting attention, questions are being answered
    – more about exploring, going deeper, being challenged
    – quality material, can tell thought has gone into it instead of thrown together at the last minute
    – new material, not a rehash of old material in new clothes


    – What kind of learning experience would keep me excited and engaged?

    – feeling supported, heard and valued
    – exploration and discovery focused rather than “paint by the numbers” to reach a pre-determined conclusion
    – camaraderie amongst the participants, a shared journey rather than a number of individuals taking the course at the same time
    – plain, low frills, low hype, genuine
    – poked & prodded on my boundaries, not let off the hook


    – How would I want to be sold to when arriving at the website of this eCourse?


    – treated with respect and intelligence rather than manipulated with proven lizard-brain reacts techniques
    – honesty, knowing who this course is not for
    – can ask questions of a real person


    – How would I want my relationship to feel with the teacher of the course?

    – trust them, feel heard and respected
    – feel like I can ask anything … however stupid it seems
    – grow the relationship to become friends
    – they don’t expect me to follow them, hang on every word
    – we can disagree and discuss to discover more
    – I know I’m held in my highest, have someone in my corner


    – If I was looking for this eCourse, what kind of results would I expect to get?

    – find some clarity about myself
    – feel a greater sense of ease, inner peace, I’m okay instead crazy
    – feel more capable of navigating new and unfamiliar situations in the future
    – feel more comfortable talking about being spiritual, hearing my intuition, knowing what signs mean

    – How much would I have been willing to pay for this course?

    $499-$599 … if I knew me beforehand. I might be around the $299-$399 mark if I’d never heard of me before



    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    Lorraine, all those points you made are pretty much exactly our thoughts as well 🙂


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide


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