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    Jennifer Summerfeldt

    My greatest challenge is reaching out and promoting my services – I often feel like I am being pushy or in peoples ‘faces’. So for the next 30 days I am going to reach out daily in some form to market my online program. That could be emails to colleagues (new ones that I discover) or online social media.  I will also attempt FB live during these 30 days. I am curious if I will notice a difference.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    YES! Yes you will notice a difference. Not asking for the sale is the first and most important step in not making the sale 😉

    EVERYDAY for 30 days, you will be reaching out to ask for sales and support in making sales, yes? That’s the plan?

    How many FB Lives will you do? Once per week? How will you promote those FB lives?

    Your work is important and it’s important (for now) that you are your biggest fan and advocate for it.


    Saera Burns

    I just thought of a promotional strategy @JenniferSummerfeldt that can be an interesting experiment. Having a contest where people either share your event or have to post a short writing as to how this course will benefit their life and share on their social media.  That way you can also receive new streams of publicity through people that trully want to participate and love your work authentically. If you use instagram then they would need to # your course name and @ your name. You could post some promotional lovely mama images that reflected the work and have a link eddited on the image to your website~ you could # them with your course name, otherwise FB is pretty effective too. Just an idea to add to your pocket of tricks!


    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    I hear ya on that Jennifer.

    We’ve found that the best promotional strategy for us has been in developing strategic relationships with key players in our industry, and promoting our point of view rather than our products. These people then promote for us.

    I believe that its best to publicly promote stuff that is free (blogs, etc), which feels good because its all on the give-give.

    Then people stick around, sign up for your mailing list, etc… Once you’ve developed trust with your audience, promoting your services becomes a natural next step.

    So the strategy is essentially:

    1. Allow people to get to know you through free stuff. Be helpful.

    2. Once they know you, promoting comes much easier. Offer a way to go deeper.

    Hope that simple bit of wisdom helps 🙂


    Sharyn Warren

    Andy Freist, I love this!: promoting our point of view rather than your products. Thank you!

    Jennifer, this might make it a lot easier for you. Start with POV, which will quite naturally lead right into why you have created this great program, who it is for, and how your peeps can get it. Explainer vs seller.



    Jennifer Summerfeldt

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I am loving all the support and suggestions. I am noticing that the challenge is not that people are not sharing, in fact I’m surprised by the amounts of shares both online and in person. So the how do I close the gap between sharing and referrals and signing up?</p>
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>i sent email to new colleague yesterday and working on another one today.</p>


    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    This is great Jennifer! I totally get that too! Love the tips you got here! I’ll be interested to hear the answer to your last Q as well! Thank you!!


    Jennifer Summerfeldt

    Hey Bobbie Jo, I also meant to respond to your post and link you sent me the other day. Thank you! I have not had any time to check it all out since I was finishing last bits of school. But I have way more time now! I love how dedicated you are to this venture and how engaged you are with the fellow mountainers. Cheers!

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