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    btw How many courses have you built with this process? You sound quite experienced and you participate frequently. Feel free to drop any other knowledge bombs on me you think might help. This my first course.

    I’m a complete madman and I’m not building one I’m building a selection of courses to create a membership site. I’ve created my first video course that’s being given away as a “Walk in the Park” which is my ACD’s of Chords course..

    Now I’m just in the process of scripting and building 3 more courses. 🙂

    I’m far from an expert but I’ve been here a little while now and have gained a ton out of what @bradleytmorris has provided us.

    If you’d like to here a little bit more about the beginning of my journey, I was actually interviewed by bradley a while back which you can watch here. 🙂

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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