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    Cathy Howitt

    <i>”What I am letting go of RIGHT NOW to create the space, courage and confidence I need to reach the top of Launch Summit:”</i>

    I love this.

    So, to be accountable to all my fellow mountain climbers – there are some things I am willing to let go of so I get the most out of this journey and create an eCourse worth sharing and helping others with.

    1. Procrastination – I am often waiting for the “right time” and the conditions to be “perfect”. As of right now, I will simply DO, regardless if it is the perfect time.

    2. Daily rituals – as of right NOW, I am committed to getting up early and starting the day with a short walk, then a meditation. I will focus on what I need to be not only productive, but also “in flow.” I will follow up with Gym exercise (which I have actually started) every second day.

    I have done these things sporadically, but doing it as a habit begins NOW.

    I look forward to being able to share my progress on these two things to start with. When I have mastered these, I will set new daily rituals and share with you all.


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