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    Very timely that Valentine’s Day has just passed. I like to call myself a heart centred entrepreneur. I’m a stylist and an educator (classically/classroom trained), and I run my business called Love Ur Layers that has a mission to make the world more authentically stylish, healthier for planet and people, and to give back to causes that align with my work (with time and profits). Many of my clients are women who also run heart centred businesses. I help them get really authentic with their personal branding.

    Why do I do this work? It’s so much fun! I’m a helper and a teacher by nature, and I love playing with style, so it just gives me thrills to do something that is so aligned with who I am. (You can read all about my ‘enlightened’ style journey in a recent blog post.)

    Over the years working with Fashion Takes Action, a Canadian organization dedicated to connecting the dots between sustainability and fashion, I’ve had so many people moan that they need guidance creating an ethical wardrobe that is affordable and kick-ass style-wise. There is no lack of information out there on what’s bad and what’s good for labour, justice and the environment, but it can cause an analysis paralysis or the opposite, apathy. As an educator and writer, I break concepts down into chunks and use storytelling to motivate lasting change. I keep the core message positive instead of resorting to guilt (although I don’t hide or gloss over reality). This is why my core image is love. If love is what motivates us to change, then it doesn’t feel as arduous or depressing.

    This is what the Heart Centred Style School is all about!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    All right @sarahp, so stoked to have you here on the mountain with all of us wild adventurers. Couldn’t have picked your day better than the International Day of Love!

    I can already imagine some incredible eCourse ideas coming out of you in the coming months. It’s going to be really cool to take your passion for style and turn it into a styling eCourse on style! LOL

    What I’m trying to say is, we’re gonna have a lot of fun going up the mountain together.




    Hi @bradleytmorris! Thanks for the welcome and the vote of confidence! I’m excited:)) S

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