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    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    We all know that if we want to truly impact the lives of our intended audience, that we need to engage them in our eCourse experience til they complete the very last lesson.

    However, most of what’s out there in the realm of eCourses and eLearning experiences is boring.

    We see it all the time.

    You sign up for a $200, $1000, or $5000 course, only to find that it’s a highly scripted powerpoint presentation that bores the crap out of you.

    We did a Facebook Ads course recently where the guy was charging $2000 to read his slides word-for-word. It was absolutely ridiculous… and terribly boring.

    Just because we put some text and pictures to accompany the sound of our voice does NOT make it a good learning experience and it definitely doesn’t mean it’ll successfully facilitate the transformation or results we want for our students.

    Those of us who are on the mountain are here to put our creative thinking caps on and break free from the boring, blueprinty mold.

    Creating a mind-blowing eCourse is about so much more than PDF’s, quizzes, private Facebook groups and talking head videos.

    Those are all tools for us to use, but they are not the means to an end.
    As an artist, they are our blank canvas.

    It’s what we do with them that creates the “Wow Effect” that we all truly want our participants to have.

    How we educate, teach and facilitate lasting change for our audience (via eCourses) needs to be an immersive experience for them. We are essentially creating the environment for them to come into to learn the skills they are aspiring to learn.

    We can’t just throw together a powerpoint telling them what to do and hand them a fill in the blank PDF expecting them to achieve results.

    eCourse creation IS an Art Form, just like movies, music and video games.
    We need to treat it that way.

    Why take this advice? Because…
    1. You’ll stay excited and committed to the process of building it.

    2. You will be more thoughtful and considerate of your customer’s experience as you build the eCourse as though it was for yourself.

    3. You will believe in the finished product so much that it’ll sell itself.

    4. The people who are like you will appreciate that you made it just for them.

    5. Treating your business and eCourse as though it is a work of art will cause you to look at everything you do with completely new eyes (you’ll see what I mean when you get there).

    What QUESTIONS are you asking yourself to help guide your ultimate customer learning experience?


    Lorraine Watson

    I took a look at my version of what the world doesn’t need and came up with these guiding questions:

    1. Does [component] support further discovery of the mystery or lead into mastery?
    2. Does [component] create / support a safe space for the members to actively participate with vulnerability in rich, deepening conversations?
    3. Do current / future participants feel like they are being heard, respected and supported?
    4. Does [component] help bolster clarity, confidence and resiliency of self and managing the unknown / mystery?
    5. Do the materials / resources embody care and thoughtfulness in their preparation and presentation?
    6. Does [component] support the participant in accessing their own wisdom rather than having to rely on something / someone else, including me?
    7. What else don’t I know or haven’t considered, the knowing of which would change everything?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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