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    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    We just finished V1 of the website.

    This is our “WALK IN THE PARK” experience for the GEA.

    We had a blast creating it and now we’d love to hear from you what it’s like going through.

    Once you check it out, if you can share your feedback (there are some questions below to go off of):

    Feedback for Website:

    1. What was your overall impression/experience of going through the website? (be honest)

    2. What did you love about?

    3. What didn’t you like about it?

    4. In ONE sentence, what point did we make the clearest?

    5. What is the BIGGEST thing we need to improve?

    6. Would you want to learn how to create an experience like this?

    7. Would you have wanted to share this site with friends?

    8. Anything else you wanna tell us?

    9. What device did you use for viewing it?


    Akasha Madron

    HI Bradley et. al.

    Overall it is great.  I had a lot of fun exploring it.  I like the overall color scheme. It has a different feeling ambiance that I liked. While going on the journey I did feel like I was somewhere else other than in my room.

    I loved the graphics and signs and how it was like going on a mini trek.

    Details : I tried to pretend that I knew nothing about you all nor the mountain.

    ABOVE the part in the beginning that says ” about the journey ahead”, the blue text is a bit too faint.  It is hard to read what is not in bold on my computer.

    The part where it says “Choose your path wisely”  was very confusing.  It says to( click and drag the slider left and right).  But I did not see any slider to drag.

    I did find the slider for the Bye Bye Blueprint section.

    It is a little vague as to what the secret sauce actually is.  Is it wanting to take your own course? or that you love and have fun creating it?  that it is fun? I found myself wondering what was considered the ONE idea from the audio that became the secret sauce, because I heard many.

    Below the Theme video it says in brown “If you hang in there until the end of the tour, you will get the masterclass for free, no opt in required. ”  All of it is very faint and I can barely see it.  “Get the full masterclass for free” is slightly darker and easier to see but not by much.

    At the Peak Behind the Curtain part where it says drag the hand across.  I could not find a hand anywhere to drag.


    The highlight clip about the Dark and Light side of  the Sales Force made me uncomfortable.

    I am just so done with dark things being bad.  We need a balance of dark and light.  Too much light is just as extreme and bad as too much dark. Why not grey?  Not to mention the current racial environment we are in, with a scary white KKK guy being put into powerful office and  prevalent racial profiling.  It  just invokes some vivid unpleasant images regarding our new government.

    Also, I have a history of not feeling comfortable charging for money.  I either undercharged or gave such a discount I was barely charging anything ,  I do need to have the need to make money be part of my equation and without judgement.  Women have been conditioned to believe that we have to wait for prince charming to save us and that we can’t handle money or we shouldn’t have money.  It is pervasive and insidious even when we are aware of it.  The highlight video really made it seem like all motivation to make money is bad.  It made me want to say, “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater”  it is ok to make some money on this.

    I know that it’s part of the star wars theme and what you are really saying, but, isolated like that and taken out of context, all of the above thoughts and emotions went through me as I watched it.  It was a surprisingly strong reaction, considering I’ve seen your masterclass and I didn’t react that way before.  But that was before our current government.

    This part is the biggest fly in the ointment that you need to improve, in my opinion.  It will put off a number of people, especially people of color.

    Master Saleswalker was great though!

    That is it for the details.


    My top takeaway was how fun it was to do and I want to make sure mine is fun too.

    6.  I would have been inspired to watch the masterclass and to get a trail pass.

    I do want to tell my friends.

    I watched this on a MacBook Pro 13 inch late 2011.

    Again, this was awesome and fun and took me out of my world and into yours.  Brilliantly done!  I also liked that there was all sorts of ways that the information was imparted.

    Great piece of art!

    Thank you!





    Lorraine Watson

    Hey @bradleytmorris & @andyfreist,

    I decided to look at it on my Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone. Off the top, there are some funky responsive layout issues with misplaced arrows, sliders not working quite properly, text cut off, etc. On the phone, some of the pages are VERY long.

    Compared to a pdf or traditional landing page, this is FAR AND AWAY better. I feel I’d be more engaged and paying serious attention rather than just scrolling if the “care to have an epiphany” section and journal questions was given at the first step / page. That frames and gives context to how I’m engaging with each section and the questions I’m thinking about. I’m actually starting to build my course rather than waiting until the end … IF I do it. Because you’re suggesting I head out into nature that’s creating a time gap and taking me out of the experience of the website. BTW – the journal pdf needs to be themed. Please make the journaling questions look as fun and inviting as the rest of the website.

    On the Art page, some text to indicate clicking on the book to read it would be helpful. At first I thought it was just another graphic and started looking for the point you were trying to make.

    For the quiz, I would have preferred to have a summary of the ecourse to focus on instead of having to email for results. The questions / answers were pretty obvious as to which one would lead to recommending the GEA and felt more salesy. What may have been more helpful is a quiz to help me determine which type of course (ie walk in the park, day camp, vision quest, etc) I should start creating. Again, that’s got me engaged in actually taking next steps to create the course instead of it being a nebulous concept.

    I would have signed up for the masterclass to explore the idea more, but not the GEA at this point. I was still missing the connection between (or belief you guys could help me) getting the course idea in my head and making it a reality. Cool, unique experience, but remained questioning this as a fancy sales pitch. Had my experience been more framed as “you’ll start creating your ecourse today” and then guided with sketching out some more specific points along the way and help determining what kind of course to create, signing up for GEA would have been a natural step. (Not sure if that was explained clearly.) I’ll add the caveat I’m EXTREMELY picky right now being in course overload, as in too many untouched courses on the shelf. Promised myself I wouldn’t buy any more courses unless I was going to truly commit to the work. If at the end of this website experience I could see tangible beginnings, you would have proven to me the GEA was worth pursuing.

    Hope that helps. Happy to clarify anything.



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Hello Akasha,

    Thanks so much for going through the mini Experience and for sharing all that wonderful feedback. You made some awesome points and we are going through today to tighten up the experience even more.

    I love hearing that you felt such a strong reaction. That was one of the main points of that page. We want to open to open a dialogue about this topic, which clearly it did with you. Our hopes are that the page DOES trigger people and stop them in their tracks. We’re okay if it makes some folks angry. All of this is going to open up the conversation around, how do we really want to be treated, treat people and do business in the digital world. We’re definitely not saying money or marketing are bad, but we must approach it in a more human-to-human way.

    So thank you for that honest feedback and if you want to process your experience more, we’re wide open to that dialogue   🙂

    We’re so glad you got lost in that little world we made. We’re really excited about the “world of possibilities” this mini experience has opened for us. I know it’ll translate into how we’ll be teaching all of you to build mini experiences in the future once we’ve tested and proven this actually works.

    Thank you again Akasha. We’ll let you know when Version 2 is up!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Aloha Lorraine,

    Thanks for going through the mini Experience and for all the great insights you had. Good to know that it doesn’t work well on the cell phone. On the home page, Instructions for Taking the Journey, I added a piece that we recommend using a CPU or Laptop. However, we’ll see how dialled in @andyfreist can make it for cell users before we go live. Clearly it needs to be better.

    As for the quiz, we didn’t feel quite complete with that section yet. We were brainstorming the results, etc… and you’ve given us some great food for thought.

    We’ll definitely be themefying the PDF.

    We ultimately just wanted to whip up V1 for feedback before investing too much time and energy into perfecting things. So far the feedback coming in has been unanimously awesome, with some tweaks here and there which will ultimately make it way way better.



    Akasha Madron

    Hi Bradley,

    Thank you so much for your response.  All weekend I was having feedback remorse and backlash.  I had to stop myself from writing a groveling email begging forgiveness and please don’t throw me off the mountain.  I knew it was backlash so I stopped myself, but it was hard.

    Please know that intellectually I know you wouldn’t, but the irrational backlash beast kept dragging me back into that emotional fear of being kicked out of the community for saying my truth.   So, very relieved.

    As a result, though, I was thinking about the whole thing all weekend.  It’s making me think harder  regarding pricing my ecourses.

    I’m looking forward to version 2.

    Have a great week!



    Sharyn Warren

    Hey Brad, I watched on my mac and everything seemed to work like a charm.

    I thought the pacing of the movement through each point was good, never a dull moment. I only had 2 little nit-picky (maybe) things. “What this Journey is?” seems a little awkward. Maybe because I had the whole “dangling participle” thing drilled in my head, but when I read that, it was like being on a smooth ride and rolling  over a rock or something. Didn’t cause a problem, just a little “what was that?” kind of moment.

    I thought about Akasha’s comments above about the Light and Dark side of marketing. It’s probably fine, but I too have become really sensitized to various “black & white” polarizations. And I hate to be a pill, but dang it–there are absolutely no women to be seen in the making of this journey. Which normally isn’t a “thing” for me and wouldn’t keep me from purchasing, but, again, as has been observed, for those of us in the U.S., these are not normal times. That said, I’m not at all suggesting a do-over is in order, just things that run through my mind these days as I grapple with the hidden ugly betrayals that have been exposed with the election here.

    Having said all of that, I think the overall interactive website experience is wonderful! Your message, your naming of the elephant, your courage, and creativity all come through and are what drew me to you guys from the beginning. You stand out in the crowded room as having integrity, know-how, and the courage of your conviction. You don’t just talk about it, you SHOW us how to stand in the power of our own uniqueness in a way no one else has done. I think the price point is excellent and do-able for anyone. You offer amazing value.

    Once again, thanks for showing us the way.


    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    Feedback for Website:

    1. What was your overall impression/experience of going through the website? (be honest) FUN! Loved the inter-activeness!

    2. What did you love about? The interactiveness, the progress bar at the top to see where I was in the journey, and the images and simplicity of the pages to follow along. Oh, also the example of the student dropout and comparing it to the people in a room. WOW. That was really effective!

    3. What didn’t you like about it? Not too much comes to mind. I didn’t have the curtain come up the first time, so I was trying to click and drag on the tent. The second time it came up.

    4. In ONE sentence, what point did we make the clearest? To make a GREAT eCourse, from the heART, that you BELIEVE in, and the money will follow.

    5. What is the BIGGEST thing we need to improve?  Nothing big is jumping out at me right now.

    6. Would you want to learn how to create an experience like this? YES! It actually brought a lot of points up for me again to reflect on. Definitely yes!

    7. Would you have wanted to share this site with friends? YES!

    8. Anything else you wanna tell us? THANK YOU!!

    9. What device did you use for viewing it? MacBook Pro on Chrome.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    AKASHA: Really really happy to hear that the whole CoursesWorthExperience got you thinking all weekend. To me, that is a big win. It brought stuff up, it allowed you to share your truth and then you processed your truth and perspective. It was a catalyst for growth, which is more than we could have hoped for for  anyone going through it!

    Honest feedback is a wonderful thing. Never feel the need to apologize for it  🙂


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    SHARYN! Wonderful to see you here around the campfire. Sent ya a couple messages, trying to lead you back to the trail. Really happy you’re back.

    I hear you on the need for female energy. The one problem when you’re a couple of dudes building a biz. I have no doubt that future creations WILL have female roles and teachers (even more than just Ranger Boss Lady).

    Thank you for all of your kind words and wonderful feedback with this lil creation. It’s been a blast dreaming into existence and with all the great feedback we’re getting, we’re only going to improve it!



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Bobbie Jo, thank you as always for all your wonderful positive energy and bubbly feelings. Good to know the curtain didn’t work the first time. We’re gonna make using those sliders more obvious with the next iteration.  🙂

    Would love to know what you come up with when you’re done reflecting on your takeaways!


    Anneke Camstra

    Hi friends,

    I watched it on my 15″laptop.

    I loved the slider that you could take to the right, to reveal something.

    I like the setup of the scrolling long page.

    I got confused, when in the middle suddenly the came this selling point with your prices, I start thinking, is this a sales letter or is this a free course, and I started to have less trust in the whole thing.

    At the end you solved it beautifully: left a free masterclass, right the buy button

    The part of the long pages did not fit on my screen, so I see point 1 and 2 to the right, but have to scroll for three, while 4 was next to 1.

    Is takes a while, to realize that this is the course itself, because it looks like a scrolling web page.

    I love the overall different kind of experience in this mini course.

    Greetings, Anneke



    Linda Bebbington

    Hey guys here is my feedback.  I know this is just a test and it is not finished and lots of this you will already be aware of, but as it stands, this was my experience of the current site.  Hope it helps.

    . What was your overall impression/experience of going through the website? (be honest)

    The colours are great and ties in with your branding and is very pleasant and comfortable to navigate through.

    Overall though, I was confused. It is totally unclear what the page is. I thought it was a website and I was clicking through, I had no idea it was a course.

    People don’t read every line on the page so the light blue text I was skipping over it and missed lots of the points that when I went back up to get clarity about what I was doing, it made more sense when I read that text.

    I wanted to see click back to the home page to see where I was and what this actually was, but once on the modules, there is no click back to homepage that I could see, so I felt lost on the mountain.arrrrgggghhhh.

    Nice clear 6 step click through at the top though which light up to let you know where you are.

    2. What did you love about?

    Easy, clourful, friendly, the videos, the podcast etc.  You guys who are very engaging anyway!  I love the tech wheel, it has real photos and is engaging and informative.  The examples of other peoples’ sites.  The curtain and other creative elements like that.  The text boxes that swish round to give answers on the back that are meaningful and informative.

    3. What didn’t you like about it?

    Light blue text easy to miss.  Hovering over boxes such as the Elephant in the room box and text pops down below. This would be better if it swished round like some of the other text boxes, it made scrolling awkward.  Instructions could be clearer about it being a course.  Homepage needs to make this clear and then a return to homepage needs to be there.

    I didn’t like the comparison to the old blueprint, I found it confusing and irrelevant, I also thought it dissed your own product a bit. I would have compared it to a ‘standard course blueprint’ or something.  I also got confused about you talking about your own experience of making the course as ususally this would talk to the customer experience and not your own and it kind of switched around.

    The section ‘danger in sight’ or something like that…totally confused me..e.g. your course has dangers?

    There were a couple of times I clicked the back arrow and it took me back to the top of the previous page, instead of where I had left off and I needed to scroll back down.

    I didn’t like the down arrows to keep scrolling, they are pointless, I’m scrolling anyway.

    Clicking on a box for more information that really seemed like a waste of time, some of the information didn’t seem worth the click. I know we live a world when we want the moon on a stick for our clicks right?

    The childish clipart and giant text. It didn’t seem to fit your brand or the message about making cool and creative courses.

    4. In ONE sentence, what point did we make the clearest?

    You can make engaging courses that help people transform, don’t be greedy and the money will come.

    5. What is the BIGGEST thing we need to improve?

    Make it clear that it is a course and not just info about your product.


    6. Would you want to learn how to create an experience like this?

    Yes if it was clearer on what the actual experience was throughout the course, e.g. Your own videos show this clearly, the rest of it is kind of redundant unless you jazz it up with examples of what that would look like in reality and get rid of the clipart. Every image should support your statement and course examples there would help to convey what a creative course looks like.

    7. Would you have wanted to share this site with friends?

    When it is ready, sure.

    8. Anything else you wanna tell us?

    Think that’s all!

    9. What device did you use for viewing it?

    Laptop it was fine.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Anneke: Thank you for taking the time to go on the mini adventure we created. Hope it inspired you for some of your own creations that you’re working on and a potential mini journey you could take your students on.

    We took out the pricing chart in the comparison section, thanks for that suggestion. You were spot on!

    We’re workin on all the wonky formatting issues at the moment. Andy’s making it mobile friendly, as well as Firefox, Safari and Chrome friendly. It’s coming along. Should be share-ready by the end of the week (fingers crossed).


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    LINDA: Thanks for all your honest feedback. We’re working on making it as user friendly as possible. Given that nobody’s every gone through a mini course like this, we agree, it’s gotta be easy to understand and take the journey.

    As for all your other suggestions, we are dialling everything in. I doubt we’ll be getting rid of all the cartoon icons, as that is one of the pieces that we’ve been getting the most positive feedback about. People are saying they feel happy checking them out   LOL

    As for returning to the home page. FYI, any website you go to, there is usually a logo in the top left corner. If you click that logo, it will always take you back to the home page. That’s why most websites don’t have a “HOME” button anymore.

    We’ll definitely keep everyone posted for when this officially goes live.

    Again, thanks so much for taking the time to take the tour and offer your thoughts. We hope you gleamed a little creative inspiration for the kinds of unconventional experiences you can guide for your people.

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