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    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    3:17 Akasha asks for support in dealing with her anxiety/guilt around charging too much MONEY for her valuable products!

    Experienced in matters of “Money Guilt”, Brad offers what he has come to believe around MONEY, including his experience with “Pay What You Can” and charging what you are worth. Find out why charging a fair price for your valuable transformational product actually HELPS people to follow through and take your ideas seriously. This is truly a DEEP DIVE on uncovering your MONEY STORY!

    16:20 Brad guides us through a healing session using EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique to relieve our feelings of shame and guilt around MONEY. If you have ANY resistance around charging money for your value, you MUST CHECK THIS OUT!!!!

    Free Flow Journaling and Hypnosis are also mentioned as great ways to discover your underlying sabotaging thoughts and beliefs!  Brad’s Book suggestion: The Soul of Money

    28:05 Dani suggests the book “Your Money and your Life” by Joe D. Brad drops a link in the chat to FOUR of his Prosperity/Money Meditations…Yaaaaay! Thank-you Sir Bradley!

    32:00 Brad fills us in on the, all new, “Classified Section” for the community!! Sooo Cool!!

    36:00 Brad has been working his way thru re-writes of every Evernote in the GEA!

    37:17 Brad suggests we listen to the PODCASTS which takes us much deeper than the videos and handouts are able to dive.

    38:45 GEA “Challenges” are about to be expanded and updated! Stretch your Comfort Zone!

    41:10 Brad’s recommendation and advise: “Don’t stand idle on the Mountain or get
    caught up on a lesson for too long…keep moving forward. You can go back and refine later.

    42:45 Tad Hargrave of “Marketing for Hippies” will be the first GEA Podcast Guest!

    43:33 Brad talks about the evolution and refinement of the Outer Space Webinar and the 6 transformations it has gone thru!

    46:20 Brad encourages all to just START MAKING OFFERINGS NOW…don’t wait for perfection! These GEMS were unveiled:
    1. ABC: Always Be Creating!
    3.You Learn By Doing!💗💗💗
    4, Bobby Jo’s: Let it Go…Have Fun and Grow!

    49:12 THIRTEEN GEA Newbies began their journey up the Mountain on Monday! Welcome to Bobby Jo and the others! Brad explains the reasoning and the power behind the decision to bring GROUPS of newbies in together every 5 weeks as opposed to an EVERGREEN option.

    50:20 Using “Scarcity with Integrity” by setting sign-up deadlines.

    52:55 Brad leaves us with some final notes on dealing with our Money Issues and completely summarizes how to do your own, at-home EFT session!

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