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    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    2:00 B and A go to TOWN creating 20 new Challenges for the GEA community!

    4:00 After speaking with Tad, Andy connects the “articulation dots” with a brilliant analogy of the difficult process all creators/artists go thru.

    7:15 Brad mentions Tad’s “10x10x100” (in the next 10 days do something with 10 hours and $100.00) The guys brainstorm ideas for a GEA challenge using these parameters…..sounds FUN!

    11:55 Andy explains Tad’s “You articulate by articulating”….good stuff!

    12:45 Brad says they hope to offer GEA-ers affordable help on setting up their course platforms in the very near future….YAAAAY!

    15:20 Stop YELLING Brad! Haha!

    16:35 The guys give their LANDING PAGE a make-over and decide to create a new course-building webinar (simpler 101 version, under 30 min) to add to their Funnel Arsenal along with the more advanced Space Adventure webinar and Podcast!

    19:15 Bobby Jo makes the scene….live and in her beautiful person!
    Because she was brave to come on camera, she is gifted brilliant FREE COACHING from the masters!! It’s all about helping her tie different aspects of her 3 courses into 1 cohesive message. Andy talks about finding the “message” in your point of view. Brad suggests an awesome writing exercise to distill and intersect her 3 ideas.

    31:25 Bobby Jo gets the scoop on the hilarious and mind-boggling first days of GEA!
    Described with words such as: LOUD, messy, overwhelming, intense and fun…funny stories guys!

    38:00 A LAUNCH STRATEGY to improve upon Bobby Jo’s “throw it to the wind” Method! It’s all about “Who, where (they hang) and how to get in front of them”

    43:00 Brad’s analogy of tribes having a gate keeper we need to pass thru.
    What gifts of value can you offer to be invited thru the doors?
    And, what to include (and NOT include) when you write your emails to potential “complimentary” collaborators! (say that fast 3 times!)

    48:40 Why we MUST get comfortable with rejection!!

    50:00 Starting a spreadsheet of the connections you have/or will reach out to.
    51:30 Brad shares his spreadsheet!! His most important advice: if they don’t respond ALWAYS FOLLOW UP!!

    55:10 Today’s Mission…FREE-FLOW WRITE for 30-60 min your “point of view” and why you do what you do!
    Andy leaves us with the final important message “You must articulate to articulate”????

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