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    Bradley Morris
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    1:39 Our mountain guides are experimenting with a 3 step facebook ad strategy. I can’t wait to hear how it turns out. This might be the winning method of the future.

    11:50 Saera gets some clarity about what content to produce. And a quick guide for customer interviews that pinpoints their exact needs.

    22:20 The advantages of starting with a mini course. There is so much you will learn. And you will create a better version of the full course after you have that experience.

    25:10 Discussion on Crowdcast, Demio, Zoom. Interesting to hear the various features.

    30:00 Discussion on community platforms, lms, and membership sites. When to use what technology to create the best experience you can.

    36:35 Lorainne comes on looking for a solution for the specific experience she wants to create for her customer.

    44:45 A closer examination of the various webinar solutions. And how to determine which is the right one for your needs.

    57:46 A look at membership managed for you. A great option for those who want the features and flexibility without having to do the tech stuff. It does come with a price. The rainmaker platform is suggested.

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