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    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    archive (2) from Bradley T Morris on Vimeo.

    00:43 Andy gives us the essence of his 10 day video alchemy retreat. One key element that stands out it this balance between over managing, and letting thing go too loosely.

    11:05 A big thank you all for making the community so supportive and conducive for getting people to the summit. Elijah is a perfect example with his photoshop offer. He offers to help you with your video backgrounds in exchange for using it as part of his e-course.

    12:15 Sara’s video intro serves to remind us that you don’t need fancy video work to captivate your audience. Not if you can tell a good story.

    13:10 A look at Jennifer’s professional looking website for her “Healing Afterbirth” course.

    17:30 The importance of having a mobile friendly website. And a few ideas on how to make yours compatible in a snap.

    22:10 Google gives priority to mobile friendly websites, so if you are relying on SEO for traffic better pay attention to this.

    26:10 A behind the scene look at an upcoming live stream green screen collaborative adventure. With the guides and other characters to be interview as they hike up the mountain.

    36:15 All that talk about live streaming leads to a party on the mountain idea.

    39:25 Laura and Lorraine talk about gamification and beyond. Where is it going in the future?

    48:25 Laura gives us an update on her progress with her lesson outlines.

    52:40 Lorraine has a brilliant idea. Want to get better at gamifying your course? Go spend some time in an escape room.

    56:30 A look at e-course delivery. Teachable vs email courses.

    1:03:15 How to get around the limitations of Teachable and use your autoresponder to send badges and gamify your e-course.

    1:05:15 An easy solution for WordPress users. Lifter LMS app, on a Thrive theme.

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