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    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Coaching Mar 22: 'Affiliates, Collaborations, Sci-fi, Mini Courses & FB Ads updates' from Bradley T Morris on Vimeo.

    3:48 Introducing the new Great E-course messenger page. Check it out to see what makes it a unique affiliate program. And meet the newest character on the mountain. https:// messengers/

    6:55 Understanding your student is still key. Bradley is still talking to 1-3 people a day about the e-course adventure.

    8:10 Bradley talks about the mountain community. How it is growing to become exactly the cooperation center the guides envisioned.

    9:21 You will hear this one again. Relationships are the key to success.

    13:30 Words of encouragement for those who have lost some momentum. As long as you continue to grow and transform everything will serve you.

    16:06 A simple solution for Elijah that we can all benefit from. Imagine you are a client, and book some time aside for yourself. And take care of your business.

    20:38 Shannon is making remarkable progress on her plan your own wedding course.

    23:29 Elijah makes a generous offer to the community. https:// campfires/topic/i-will-help- you-create-your-course- backgrounds-for-free/

    47:51 Laura takes making your e-course fun to the next level with creative ideas for her starship family journey. Stay tuned for more on the epic Sci Fi adventure.

    1:05:00 All that Sci Fi talk triggers a deluge of creative ideas from the community. I think we can all get into this adventure.

    1:15:30 A quick update on the FB ads for The Great E-course Adventure. The results are inspiring.

    1:16:00 Ends with the weekly sharing of the goals to be done by midnight Friday.

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