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    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Bradley starts off with an inspiring example of living the dream. A live demonstration of the freedom we all want. He does the coaching call from his family vacation place in Mexico. From his laptop near the beach and the golf course.

    3:46 Feedback on Paulo’s video. Again highlighting the importance of starting the lesson with a clear specific “what you will get from watching this video.” And ending it with an exercise.

    8:34 Bobbie Jo is on a roll with newfound clarity. She receives encouraging tips to make her mindfulness/meditation courses a success.

    12:40 Bradley tells the story of how he went from meditation teacher, to online meditation course, to guide on the great adventure.

    14:50 Ideas on how to get custom music to add to your videos.

    15:51 Options for licensing yoga music.,

    18:37 Jennifer looks for clarity about a potential conflict of interest about her “healing after birth” course.

    26:00 Difference between in person and online course. And how to keep the student engaged in a distractive environment.

    29:00 The power of guided audio for creating transformation. Inspiring to anyone wanting to make a difference in the world.

    30:20 Bradley gives a simple formula for negotiating a contract. And not ending up regretting it.

    31:40 Looking at alternatives to crowdcast. Zoom, Demio come up as another choice.

    34:30 Lauraine gives an update. Looking for more clarity about which or her 2 courses idea should go first. So many exciting ideas!

    42:00 The challenge of estimating how long a project will take. And a simple rule to improve anyone’s estimate.

    44:26  Product shift for Chris. Put the world project on hold. Herbal cocktails coming up. Sounds like such a fun project. I want to be on that webinar for sure.

    50:56 kickstarter and pre launch.

    53:15 Talks about crowdfunding vs presale. How to think about selling your product before it’s completed.

    1:00:35 Solution for webcam and live webinars.

    1:02:17 Bobbie Jo is almost done her free version of the meditation.

    1:04:40 Talk about sound quality.

    1: 09:30  Discussion about disclaimers, insurance. All that important stuff.

    1:12:19 Bradley concludes by sharing his new and exciting method for promoting the e-course adventure.

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