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    Coaching (Mar 15th): Success, Relationships, Theme Breakthroughs, Creativity from Bradley T Morris on Vimeo.

    The session starts with Jennifer’s new found  inspiration with adding a theme to her course. With more clarity on how to integrate the secret sauce she is on her way to a breakthrough course.

    2:20 The guides are leading by example again with the essentials. Talking to 2-3 people a day about the Great e-course adventure. And working on the marketing that will take the sales to the next level.

    3:20 Business success is relationships with those who offer a complementary product.

    4:50 Initial results from the FB ads and the new Great e-course adventure walk in the park. The results are very encouraging so far.

    5:30 Survey result are in. The next project is an idea launcher crowdfunding platform.

    6:50 A glimpse of the greater vision. Not an e-course adventure but much more…

    16:45 Healing after birth update. With a clear outline it’s ready for theme integration and tagline.

    25:05 Bradley comes up with the “coming home” cozy and warm feeling as a theme for the healing after birth course.

    39:20 How to discover the perfect theme for your course. And the few critical elements to examine.

    43:20 Bradley shares his idea for a copywriting course. And uses it as an inspiring example of how to discover and use a theme to bring your course to life.

    49:00 An added benefit of adding a theme for the course creator. Watch it unlock your creativity and allow you to express yourself like never before.

    51:05 Saera shares her awesome idea on using costumes.

    62:44 The show ends with a challenge. Come up with one thing to complete by Friday.

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