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    Bradley Morris
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    The guys bring on Guest Video Expert and wig-wearing Jan of “Big 3 Video Agency” to help quell our camera fears!

    3:30 The scary truth of what it’s like for most people on camera for the 1st time…not fun!!

    5:07 Camera Shy Andy can RELATE and shares stories of his newbie struggles.

    6:45 Brad asks Jan for exercises to help us relax before filming.

    TONS of ideas here but, here are some golden nuggets:
    1. Ask yourself: What are you risking by NOT doing this? (huge)
    2. Get out if your head with physical movement! Check out “The Warrior” exercise demonstrated by all 3 guys!
    3. Get into your VIEWERS head by focusing on the IMPACT people will have when they listen to your message?

    12:50 INTROVERT Andy’s experience of “moving in and out of discomfort” is sooo insightful.

    15:00 Brad explains what it’s like for a nervous EXTROVERT.

    18:30 All about using Costumes and Wigs! (how playing a character can really help).

    20:55 The Story-Telling aspect in Video.

    22:05 Andy compares the “hook” in your video to your Headline on a blog post.

    22:25 Brad asks for TIPS on OPENING your video.

    23:50 Breaking up shots and using Editing Tricks to keep things interesting.

    26:09  Andy: “if you want your viewers to enjoy and have fun, YOU must enjoy and have fun!!”

    29:15 Andy’s biggest hurdle of getting over the initial fear of “looking stupid.”

    31:00 Brad talks about the GEA “Be who you’re not Challenge” a GREAT exercise for us “video fraidy cats”!!

    32:10 Andy likes to “flip it”… instead of worrying about looking stupid, make THAT the goal!


    35:55 Brad’s idea of holding up papers with text instead of text on screen to be different!

    37:00 Andy on where FB LIVE excels.

    38:15 Overcoming the fear of GOING LIVE. (which is much higher.)

    39:25  Jan’s 1st nasty experience with Periscope was a “no show” and made him want to give up!

    40:45  Brad: “you cant have something awesome until you create something crappy….just press record”!!

    46:20 Brad asks Jan for “video production tips” for efficient shoots on shooting day.

    49:45 Andy on how unprepared the guys used to be on “shoot day” and how HARD that made things.

    51:50…Why Jan has a love/hate relationship with the teleprompter.

    53:17 Andy on the “teleprompter trap.”

    55:25 EDITING TIPS and SOFTWARE suggestions.

    58:59 Andy drops the link to the AppSumo deal for “Animotron” a cool animation tool!

    Jan’s Course: “Look Fucking Amazing on Camera… : GEA-ers get 40% off the course using coupon code: adventure

    The guys highly recommend checking out Jan’s site/blog and incredible Sales Page.

    1:06:20 B and A hint of the “eCourse Adventures Website,” featuring the world’s most unique/fun courses including OURS!! It’ll be the “Netflix” of Courses!!

    That’s all. Join us live every Wednesday at 1pm PST at the Coaching page.

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