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    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    3:00 Waiting for Andy, Brad invites Kathy on screen to jam on her course “issues”.
    4:00 Stephan asks when Crowd-Cast will go “mobile”? Brad praises CC!
    5:30 Andy makes it in!
    6:15 While Kathy gets hooked up with Chrome, Andy gets a little deeper on why CC is not mobile yet.

    8:17 Community updates: Elijah survives “Mathew”, re-committed GEA-ers answer the campfire question,”what’s your ONE THING? Brad gives us a GEA Pep Talk!
    14:00 Stephan is in the process of editing his first 5 Podcast Episodes!
    15:20 Brad suggests closing the Mountain for a couple of weeks during the Christmas Holiday (mid Dec. – New Year)

    21:00 Speaking of today’s public webinar on List Building, Stephan asks what one thing should he put into action today? Brad: focus on relationship building.
    Andy goes into growing your colleague network to expand your audience and why “B-list-ers” are better than “A-list-ers” at this stage of the game.

    28:10 Kathy makes it IN….. we WON!!! Puzzles and Panic Rooms and Labyrinths oh my! Starting Small and Simple is Kathy’s new Jam! It’s the “moving parts” that Kathy asks for clarity on. The guys help her map out tech logistics using Teachable, FB Groups and so much more!

    47:36 Kathy wonders how to create a “progress” system for her clients as they move thru her course. Why a “print out” map might be the best solution in her case.
    52:43 Andy mentions “99 Designs” as a great design option for her and her “map”.

    54:50 Brad on how amping up your course to a “work of art” can mean raising your credibility AND your prices.

    55:24 Check out the great deal B and A have landed for GEA Members using Teachable!

    56:07 Kathy summarizes her course creation “trip” with TONS of great tips and lessons learned from her journey thus far!

    1:00:15 The guys mention Elijah as a GREAT design resource for Kathy and other GEA members. Using the community resources ROCKS!

    1:04:30 Deanna asks: “soft/beta launch” or “gigantious launch”? Brad lays out a great launch process that builds thru time. Ideas galore from the guys on how Deanna can the word OUT on her course!

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