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    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Fresh off the Gamification call, Brad asks for aha moments and insights as he awaits Andy’s arrival.

    1:15 Andy comes in with a big stretch and a roar! The guys are finding their stride on the public calls and relaxing into the moment.

    2:20 Deanna has her first Podcast Interview tonight…yahoooo!

    3:20 Andy fills us in on Google Alerts…Cool!

    5:15 Brad reports a potential opportunity for the guys to coach a teen organization in course building….awesome!

    7:45 Video CAMERA SETTINGS with Andy!

    9:50 The Outer Space Webinar has LAUNCHED! Brad vows to re-do every Evernote for the Mountain Checkpoints!

    11:35 The webinar has driven the guys to perfect their FUNNELS and dial in their auto-responders and systems. The boys are feeling the “official-ness” of their biz! Brad gives us the inside scoop on their WEBINAR LAUNCH SCHEDULE including Replays, Cart Closings, welcoming in new students and the affiliate schedule …SUPER enlightening for us Course Launchers!


    20:15 Kathy mentions the Webinar’s brilliant Follow-up email. Not just another sales email, the guys continue to provide VALUE and fill in the blanks where the webinar left off!

    22:17 PAYMENT PLANS. Andy basks in a nice “I told you so.”

    24:30 Andy gives us stats on the webinar attendance and engagement. They rocked it!

    25:35 Check out their webinar opt-in Thank-You page built with Thrive Builder. (link in chat) How adding in a “FB comments feature” can lead to CRED and valuable info-gathering from potential clients!

    28:40  Learn why the guys feel they may have given away too much by delivering their Training Manual BEFORE the webinar.

    32:10 DISCOUNT CODES….Good or Bad idea?

    36:13 QUESTION: “is $97.00 really more successful/profitable than $100.00?”, Andy turns us on to a genius who explains the psyche of pricing.

    40:00 Deanna asks for recommendations for PROGRAMERS/DEVS for APPS and GAMES.

    43:40 Brad creates a poll…Flat # Pricing or not? (such as 100.00 or 97.00)
    3 to 1….Andy loses!

    47:50 Andy on mailing THANK YOU CARDS from the Mountain! Brad wants to mail the GEA Adventure Maps as a Scroll! B and A jam on other cool “mail-able” ideas like “Bradley Bobble-Heads”…ahaha!

    52:12 Brad excites us with the promise that Sherpa Steve has a little something for us called “you’ll see” at the top o’ the mountain, Launch Summit!

    52:45 GEA Decisions on Mail Goodies are made on the spot!

    55:10 Brad offers up Andy’s top notch Google search services to all!

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