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    Rodolfo Menjivar

    Hey everyone so I have come up with 3 possible names for my E course. My E course will be based on a the participants going through a personal journey to becoming a better version of themselves and thus a role model for others to follow.
    The names i have come up with are as follows…

    E. Pave the Way – Change the World by Changing Yourself
    F. Be The Best You – Live Free – Physically, Mentally and Spiritually
    C. Journey To Personal Freedom – Be the Change You Want to See

    Let me know which one you guys like best. Thanks in Advance!!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Hey Rodo, none of them are 100% capturing me. I am wondering if you could make in point notes more descriptions of what the course is about in 3-7 word blasts.

    – change yourself, change the world
    – finding freedom from struggle
    – The Conspiracy Theorists Guide to Reclaiming their Life

    For honesty’s sake, the names you’ve listed so far don’t seem to come to life with the personality that I’ve felt from you in other posts. They feel a little too personal developmenty. I know you’re on the right track, but keep digging. Throw a bunch more ideas in this thread and we’ll see if we can arrange something that feels like a yes.

    I say all this with love and honesty. (take it or leave it brother)


    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    You’re definitely on the right track, but so far none of these really tell me what this is about and who its for.

    Your ideas here are quite vague, which is a very common thing that we all need to work through 🙂

    @pennyclaringbull shared a really awesome exercise in the resource sharing campfire that i think will help you a lot with this:

    Enjoy the process – I look forward to see what sprouts 😉

    Come back and share your top 10 from the exercise!


    Chris Gilmour


    Hey Rodolfo, out of the 3 I liked E the best, because the “Changing the World by Changing Yourself” started to evoke some curiosity in me as to what this course i about. I do agree with Bradly and Andy though that that could still mean a lot of things and although it peaked my interest it did not quite get my attention peaked enough that I would be likely to look deeper into what it was all about.

    If you go back to the drawing board and post another top 3 or 10 as suggested I’d happy to give another vote.

    Keep up the good work, sounds like it is starting to come together. I’m at the same place with my name where it is right on the tip of my tongue but nothing I have come up with or heard suggested has quite hit the nail on the head for me.

    Chris Gilmour
    Changing World Project


    Penny Claringbull


    Hi Rodolfo,
    I agree with the guys here. Your words need to be a bit more muscular, to work harder at conveying something adventurous and exciting.

    I’ve put a post in the community resource campfire about the Visual Thesaurus, which might help you with language inspiration. For a start ‘Pave the Way’ could suggest a path, a journey, candles in the darkness, a lantern. And ‘change’ – think metamorphosis, transformation, caterpillars into butterflies, alchemy, cooking etc. Not suggesting those terms, they’re just to get some ideas rolling.

    Good luck! Come back soon and share!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    I love and appreciate seeing all the support of one-another in this community. GO TEAM!!!! @rodolfomenjivar, would love to hear how the exercise goes.


    Rodolfo Menjivar

    @andyfreist Here is more of a description of who it is for. I hope this helps.

    This group of people are people who are destined to achieve greater things and they know they are. They just aren’t sure how to get there yet. They know there is another way. They just don’t have the keys to unlock their potential yet. They just need a little help, to be pointed in the right way and then they are set. They need that last extra nudge and their lives will start to be aligned.

    So I want to give people tools to use in their own lives. Tools that will help them in the 3 major areas of their lives. Physical, Mental and Spiritual.

    I want to do this because I believe we cannot go as far as we want if these 3 areas are not in Harmony with each other. We must have a better relationship with ourselves, our bodies and minds in order to achieve what we want.


    Lorraine Watson

    @rodolfomenjiva – not surprisingly, we have very similar broad audience. My niche is “mid-life” women in the 35-55 age range, particularly the sciencey, tech, left-brained career types. Who would you describe as your particular niche that you connect with best?

    Phrases that stood out for me in your description:

    – people who [who know they] are destined to achieve greater things
    – aren’t sure how to get there, know there is another way
    – need the extra nudge, need help to be pointed the right way
    – tools to use in their own lives
    – ourselves, bodies and minds need to be in harmony to achieve what we want
    I think the last point about alignment and harmony is key to include in your tagline, and hinted at in your title

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