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    Paulo Ouellet
    • A short description on what your eCourse is all about
      This is a course to prepare sea kayakers to be completely comfortable taking a trip into the wild using the traditional Greenland Paddle. It will focus on using the whole body for effortless paddling, so you can enjoy being out there instead of feeling like it’s hard. It will cover feeling comfortable and safe in the waves. And also developing a mindset that promotes inner peace and the enjoyment of being out there.
    • A short description of the module and lesson outlines (1st draft style – doesn’t need to be perfect)
      Module 1 (free) The unique style of the Greenland paddle
    • Discover how to make it smooth and safe (let paddle exit further back)
    • Map and compass for confidence in nature-story of old guy dragging his foot in the snow, we belong in nature not in the city, instruction, map, find the treasure of canted island
    • Canted blade- quiet and stable with the paddle, makes you feel at home-reminds me of mukluk story
    • Set course for endurance island, the key to having the freedom to go places-freedom reminds me of 1st day in yukon story.
    • Bonus points if you practice setting up tent in the dark, and cook dinner-most say planning is key, the bushmen would say resourcefulness and creativity is key-that confidence that I can find a way out of this.-story of burning mukluk
    • Don’t pull paddle-story of small women towing big tough guy
      Module 2 using your body in a natural way
    • Use powerful hip muscle- story of tanya-weaker paddler can keep up
    • Use map and compass to paddle through fog-story of going over mountain pass in the snow storm.
    • use body rotation-like high jumper
    • Look at currents and adjust course to make it to gardening island.
      Module 3 The mystery of going faster with less work
    • Don’t shovel-.
    • Loose grip-story of sore wrist-went on the paddle 300km without pain
      Planting the paddle
    • Crossing is a little rough, practice bracing as  you paddle-something  you will learn to integrate with your turns later, and you will add to that on the bracing section.
    • Use the power of the wave-let the wave give you more distance for your effort

    A short description about your unique theme
    The theme is a kayak adventure from one island to the next. Each island will give an important insight that will make paddling easier and more pleasurable. An important part of the theme is to be present and let your creativity and resourcefulness come out. Instead of over planning and over worrying, develop the confidence that you can handle anything that comes up. Like a true outdoors person. The stories and the theme will help tie together the use of the map and compass, and the kayaking lessons, and the mindset lessons into an adventure.


    This is the first of 6 sections. I will start with this one to practice using the theme, and using the technology, and testing to see the interest before creating the other 5 sections. My plan is to make them all fit together into a big course.


    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    Love all of the stories you have woven in and the whole concept of this! The theme is GREAT! I can picture it and am super excited to ‘sea’ it all come together for you!!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Love love loving the stories you’re weaving into this kayaking adventure.

    I could see you using both stock video, as well as your own creative video clips while sharing these stories. You could find the appropriate videos and images while you’re speaking to bring a visual element to the storytelling experience. Kinda like a documentary would.

    Happy to brainstorm more on that. That was just a visual I saw in my mind when you were sharing all those great stories!

    Great job Paulo. Really excited for your course.

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