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    Lorraine Watson

    Mentioned this Growth Styles  resource in passing in another thread. Thought I’d add it as it’s own post because I think it’s worth the mulling time.

    I happened upon Tara Gentile via a Crowdcast webinar where she was describing her model of 8 different styles in which you can grow your business. While we probably have characteristics of several, there is likely one that really is at the core of what we want to offer.

    How this relates to ecourses … the courses we want to create are part of the bigger picture / framework of what we want to offer in the world. Putting our courses in alignment with our style is another step in bringing congruence and ease with what we’re all up to here.

    Curious to know if anyone sees themselves in any of the styles.

    (I thought I was exploration at first (because of curiosity) and then identify (because of meaning), but I think I’ve landed on Prestige because of the high touch, personal experience I want people to have. For now that feels the most “right”, most square peg in a square hole.)

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