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    DavidJ Jurasek

    Hi Fellow Ecourse Creators!


    Here’s my update…


    1. My focus for the ecourse has shifted from being about navigating SHOULD I STAY or SHOULD I GO… mostly helping them make the best decision TOWARDS…  to help men in committed relationships to breakthrough barriers they have to deeper, more true and lasting love. Hence the name BREAKTHROUGH to LOVE, inspired by the Rumi quote:

    “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”


    I know it widens my niche somewhat but the focus is still tightly fixed on men who are willing to look at themselves and do the healing work to awaken their power to love through the trials and tribulations of a long term bonds. I am stoked because this is the course that I would have needed years ago and which I STILL need to help me grow and evolve in my marriage. Very satisfying to build this.

    2. I’ve been making a kick ass FREE video training that I am super proud off! I’m realizing how to weave together choose-your-own adventure and quizes as a starting point. I hate throwing more info at people, especially men, desperate and looking for guidance but also proud and wanting to and needing to find their own answers ALONG with some guidance and a community.


    3. Also focusing on relationships I have with many trusted men in my life — by leading vision quest type Walkabouts, involving them in making the videos with me, giving me feedback on the emerging content and just tending those valuable friend and co-inspirator relationships!


    4. Have been keeping up an awesome mastermind weekly meetings with the super insightful and supportive Jutta Dobbler who is a fellow traveller up the ecourse adventure mountain. Grateful for her ongoing support and inspired to see her evolve her ecourse too!


    5. On the side (laughing to self) I have been spending the last 6 months creating 3 unique ecourses on Thinkific for the Young Warriors program I created that is private and delivered within a mental health context. One is a super fun ecourse with tonnes of imagination for kids and parents learning about focus and mastering of moods through martial arts. The other two are for the 20 odd new Senseis I am training from scratch! What a mammoth task! We’ve made something like 50 or so videos so far (3-20 mins long)!!! Insane creativity. Proud of every one of them!


    Need to do next…


    1. STAY connected to this community and keep working through the modules! Really appreciate the contact with Bradley and Andy at various key times in the last year. SOOOO helpful and heartening. Also re-invigorating to see the fellow travellers here making progress each in our own ways, finding so many twists and turns and not giving up. It is intoxicating to be on the journey and see our paths cross at times!

    2. Work on content and a marketing strategy to inspire and intrigue men who are struggling in their relationships to come check out the website, click on their challenge and take THE QUIZ ( to id your #1 Relationship Saboteur). From there on it’s a rabbit hole down deep into more self-discovery, empathy and a map to heal and grow. Have great feedback from my testors. Gotta decide — without wasting too much time and energy on it — the best way to draw men there… Not into ads. Word of mouth Yes, but need something that will draw some sooner. Wondering about submitting articles to Good Men Project and other such places.


    QUESTION: Any one know of good places to submit articles regarding helping men in relationships? Deep rich and authentic content, not usual relationship fluff.


    Also considering interviewing other relationship experts… again, something real and captivating and intriguing that draws them to the quiz.


    3. DAMN, then I gotta actually build the ecourse, but that part is like second nature to me in terms of knowing how to help the men who join us. Still however, I am looking for a metaphorical thematic frame. The previous format was LABYRINTH themed and BREAKTHROUGH feels different… Part mortal combat (of the heart) with your inner demons… Part spiritual and emotional healing adventure (with an in person one day intensive at the climax point) and Part multi levelled fairy tale where the hero has to go through tests and trials to prove himself “worthy” (or rather ready and willing) to love and be loved fully. Oooh… the fairy tale format seem kinda fitting. Mythical. Adventure. Trials. Challenges. Princess waiting on the other side… really a reunion with something inner and deeper than the fantasy.


    If you read this far, thanks for witnessing my reflections. Any feedback is welcome.


    Power and love to all of us daring to create transformational journeys through our ecourses!


    (I think that addresses everyone here) : )


    Tree Franklyn

    Hi David! So nice to meet you and get to know you through your update. (you just reminded me I am sooo behind on my updates – not that I can get to them anytime soon but at least it’s on my radar again!)

    I’m loving your idea and new shift. It sounds like a perfect course for the deep-thinking/feeling man.

    To answer your question/ponderings….

    The best way I’ve found to bring a targeted audience to my site is by guest posting on other sites. Elephant Journal seems like one that would be good for your audience (their readers are usually more conscious about love and diving deeper into self discovery). You can also try the “follow the leader” technique to discover other sites that would work great for your market…. here’s what you do:

    1) Pick someone who’s already an established (or rising) leader in your industry and see where they have been featured in. You can find this from the “featured in” logos on their website, usually on their home page or on their media/press page, or you can try to google their name + guest post.

    For example, if Gay Hendricks is a leader in your industry, you’d google “Gay Hendricks guest post” and see where he’s been. You can also try “Gay Hendricks interview” or look up his name in iTunes to see what podcasts he’s popped up in.

    2) From those options, pick out the blogs or sites that suit your audience specifically and write a pitch to them for a post of your own.

    You can also try the mass article sites like Medium, Huffington Post or Elephant Journal. I’ve had some great targeted opt-ins come from my Elephant Journal articles.

    Also, I just wanted to say that I like your fairy tale idea, but I like the idea of Joseph Campbell’s mythical hero’s journey even better though, where the hero goes into to the dark cave and explores his hidden depths….. i’m saying that not because I totally see it for your course, but also because I SO WANT TO DO THIS THEME (!!!) except I tested it with my audience (WOMEN!) and they don’t quite connect with it as much as I do. HMPH! So here I am pushing it on someone else (YOU!) and hoping at least someone (YOU) will latch onto it and do it some creative justice! 😀

    Hope this was helpful!

    And looking forward to following your journey!



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    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    Aloha David! I LOVE Rumi! And I love what you are doing!! Can definitely feel your passion and heart in it all! Beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing!!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Thanks for the awesome update on everything David.

    Loving the Breakthrough to Love concept (with the Rumi quote). I was on your free men’s offering the other day checking out a couple of the videos. I love it. I dig how you shot them too. I found it engaging and authentic.

    So stoked you’ve brought other men into your creative process for feedback, support and participation. I think that’s only going to amp up the transformation you’re going for. That was actually what I loved in that one video I watched with the mask.

    Tell that Jutta to send us a smoke signal or something when she gets a chance. We’d love an update on where she’s at with her course. It’s been too long!

    Love the Young Warriors videos. If you can, share one of your favourite lessons. Would love to see! Awesome job on all the creating in 2016 good sir. So stoked for you!!

    As for marketing. YES – definitely submit to sites and reach out for podcast interviews. That will be very effective, as it allows you to share stories and showcase your message/work. is a great one you should reach out to. I spoke at one of their events last year. They are growing fast and I know your message would be right in alignment with Connor Beaton (the founder) and all that they’re up to.

    As for the theme. The fairytale, hero’s journey all sound good to me. I think it’s just gotta be something that speaks to you!

    As for you doing the Hero’s journey, TREE. Perhaps you need to pitch it as the Modern Day Heroine’s Journey…?



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Holy Cow David, I just read your Manifesto page and I LOVE what you’ve created.

    I’m going through your site right. This is incredible man.

    Love the vibe, the choose your own adventure experience and all the branding.

    Really really awesome.

    My only “Thing that could be improved feedback at first glance,” is the dropdowns are hard to read on the main homepage of the site.

    Other than that, this is great.

    How’s the process been creating it!?


    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    AWESOME work David! You are definitely on the right track with this 🙂

    My main piece of feedback would be to make your opt-ins more attractive.

    Also, FYI, Thrive Themes just released an amazing quiz builder plugin for wordpress. Did you build you site with WP?

    I’d recommend getting their thrive leads plugins and the quiz builder.

    You can even set it so that people can do the quiz first, and then they need to enter their email at the end to get the result.

    It’s really slick.

    (Its currently only available to thrive themes members.. if youre not a member, let me know and i can work a bit o magic to get the plugin in your possesion 😉


    Tree Franklyn

    Bradley:  I love your heroine’s journey idea, it sparked some possibilities. When thinking more about it, I had a lightbulb moment. My audience doesn’t resonate with the hero’s journey because they don’t resonate with the cave or the more masculine aspects of the myth… BUT… they definitely resonate with the inward journey and the self-exploration. I think instead of a cave, it could be perhaps a black hole or something ethereal/mystical like an uncharted territory in the galaxy or a 5th dimension. Or it could even be as down to earth as the forest. Not sure what the answer is yet but it’s definitely gotten the creative juices going. I think I’ll test this with my audience. Thank you so much!!!

    David: I second Bradley’s words. “Holy Cow”! What a great site! I had to search for it because I didn’t know which site he was mentioning but I’m so glad I found it. For anyone reading, it’s I ADORE the quiz idea. I’ve been working on a quiz behind-the-scenes for a while (taking Ryan Levesque’s ASK method class) and experiencing it on your site is incredible. I love the ease and flow of it. And the branding. The FEEL of it is what speaks to me most. Great work. Would love to hear your updates.

    Andy: I just sent you a private message.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Awesome TREE! I am stoked to hear that something resonated. Feel free to update this in your progress log if you want help brainstorming ideas   🙂

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