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    Aloha ecourse family! I’m so happy and excited to be here on this adventure with you! Got started a little late, mercury in retrograde and my computer took a two week vacation to the doctor…

    My name is Sarah, and I’m a mama of three young and beautiful children here on the Garden Island of Kauai. I heard about this course from a wonderful friend as I was sharing with her my dream and vision to create an e-course for mamas! I’ve been in the healing arts for the past 10 years as a Rolfer, Doula, Massage therapist, yogi, Ayurvedic practitioner, and nutrition coach. I also teach at a women’s gathering called Spiritweavers. Basically, I love to help people transform and step into their full and most magnificent versions of themselves!

    A huge part of my own journey is navigating this world of personal transformation and supporting others through it – As A Mama! I’ve been mothering nearly 8 years and it has been the most transformative journey of all…

    I am crafting a course that will support mothers to integrate and embrace their pre and post baby selves, dreams, strengths, souls… So many mamas find themselves separated from their previous selves with little to know guidance as to how to bring forward the radiant elements of soul purpose that existed before birth…

    My husband and I also have a professional videography company here in Kauai,, and we are excited to embark on the journey of using our videography skills and tools to create a beautiful and powerful e-course.

    What makes me come most alive is transformation – helping myself and others realize radical shifts in perspective that inform and allow us to live fuller and more meaningful lives. Dance, breath, yoga, art, visionaries, travel, and birth all dance in my dreams as well…

    Thank you and I look forward to connecting with you as we learn and grow together!


    Luma Malone

    Aloha Sarah. Beautiful journey you are on and beautiful island home holding you and your work. So important to support new mothers bringing in the awesome bright new arrivals for the coming generations. Your course visions sound wonderful. I too am immersed in the world of transformation and assisting others on the path. I often feel like a soul midwife and much of my work is healing unresolved incarnational/birth trauma as well as trauma between mothers and adult children. I did not have children myself, but am blessed with three beloved nephews, one of whom I was called to be his nanny for the first year of his life while I studied the Akashic Records. And the island of Kauai has been calling me for some time too! bright blessings 🙂



    Yes, Sarah…learning and growing together! That’s the name of the game I think…

    We can all learn from each other along the way!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Aloha Sarah,

    It is so wonderful that you’re here on the yellow brick road with us.

    Given all of your gifts to offer, mixed with your videography talents – you are gonna have a blast with this creative adventure. Thrilled to have you here and am excited to help you support mamas all over the world through this eCourse creation vision quest!!

    Thanks so much for sharing and showing up 🙂

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