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    Scott Brandon Hoffman

    Hey Rockstar Adventurers!

    I wanted to say hello and do a quick intro, I’ll def be making videos as we go!

    My name is Scott Brandon Hoffman, I live in a beautiful place called Cardiff By The Sea, (in San Diego), we’re the ONLY place that gets to say “by the sea” legally here haha!

    It’s been quite the journey, (you can see more in my profile), in a nutshell I was playing piano at 5, getting paid professionally as a photographer at 10, always making people laugh and play, was in a band all through grammar school, high school, and after college, even did some touring.

    I always had the entrepreneur roots, but the artist, entertainer, musician/songwriter in me always spoke deeply to my soul.

    Then as many of us, I bought into the “story” and programming that you can’t make money with it, or didn’t feel good enough about myself, etc, and I went out and became a stock trader, made a million dollars at age 28, and “supposedly” was winning at the American Dream game, except for one thing,…

    I felt like I was dying inside.

    I had a mini breakdown on my kitchen floor one night, and then went to work shortly after and decided to walk away from this mega lucrative career, that was also killing me.

    Then I spent a LONG time on a quest to find/re-capture my truth, my purpose, my SOUL, and during this quest, I’ve found a ton of happiness seeing NEW ways of thinking and being.

    I’ve also crashed and lost everything more than once, I lost my dad, then my mom 8 months later, then my fiance a little after that, and it took every ounce of my spiritual practice to SEE the messages and meaning in these painful events, and I just kept going and saying, I’m not stopping until I FEEL the TRUTH in me, my heart, my Soul, the LOVE that I am and live FULLY aligned with that, doing what I LOVE, sharing my gifts, and making the world a better place, while having outrageous fun too.

    Fast forward to now, I’ve done so much deep work, that it’s been paying off and continues to open my heart up to see what this journey has been all about.

    My website tagline is “Live Your Truth. Laugh Your Ass Off.”

    That came from me going on this HUGE inner quest to find my truth.

    I’ve been coaching and mentoring people for years on how to find their voice, their passions, their souls, and turn that into a lucrative business, and it’s been amazing, I’ve seen people just POP.

    What I’ve learned in the process about myself, is that I had been repressing my artist/entertainer side and focusing everything on the spiritual, personal development, and success/biz side.

    I’ve helped people make millions of dollars, and here I was feeling like why am I so empty? I just wasn’t listening to my SOUL desires, and was still trying to subconsciously impress my dad, the world, and all that hoo haa that we are trying to be OK with.

    The revelation and breakthrough for me is that I now LEAD with the artist/entertainer side, I am a songwriter and singer, I play piano and guitar, I do Improv comedy, I perform, speak, write, and just LOVE the stories and real life characters of the human journey.

    I still LOVE empowering people, inspiring them, and helping them heal, live their truth, play, express, create, I know the pain of what it feels like to NOT live your dreams and your heart’s calling, and NOW I will never STOP.

    So I NOW combine the DEEP consciousness/spiritual/transformational work to empower people and I infuse it with music, storytelling, and comedy, and a HUGE heart and LOTS of play and fun.

    I am focusing my energies by using entertainment and music along with the speaker/visionary side so that I can BE an example by DOING the art and entertainment that I am, as well as walking the walk on the spiritual path in a HUGE way, and using ALL of my gifts so that I feel FULLY ALIVE, and to help others GIVE THEMSELVES PERMISSION to do the same. I use LOVE, Comedy, and multi media to do it.

    SO the course that I want to create, (still digging into the exact outcome here), will be focused on helping conscious artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs give themselves permission to STEP UP and LIVE THEIR TRUTH, and express themselves authentically and CREATIVELY.

    I see SUCH a voice and pain in people because they don’t choose to BE who they REALLY are. The course will have ALL kinds of creativity, comedy, characters, original songs, spoken word to music, just a big love, creative, motivational fest to OWN your heart and DO YOU.

    There’s way too much posing, hiding, playing small, walking around like robots, buying into the lies of our society and gov’t etc going on, and part of my mission is to LEAD a spiritual and creative revolution to wake up and FREE as many people as possible!

    That’s my brief (haha) intro!

    Looking forward to getting to know YOU better and supporting you on your journey to be the bad ass rockstar that you are.

    Much love to you.




    Akasha Madron

    Welcome!  I know what you mean about suppressing your inner creative artist self even when you are being creative in other ways.  I have had that same problem.  All of my friends have been telling me to go public for years and it is only with this community do I feel safe and supported to do so.

    I am so glad you are here hiking up the mountain with us! A big hug back!



    Scott Brandon Hoffman

    Hey Akasha, love that name!

    Thank you, SO glad you’re here too and going after your truth and creative expression.

    Looking forward to knowing you better and supporting you on your journey, let’s rock this mountain and show ’em what’s up! 🙂


    Deanna Gibbons

    Scott, just Wow!  Your story is so very inspiring to me.  To go through so much adversity and still keep growing is extraordinary.

    I struggle with not necessarily finding my voice, but actually putting it out there.  It’s actually much easier anonymously on a blog than it is with the people that I love. So many times you paint yourself into a specific role within relationships and after many years, it is hard to break away from that.  Which is where I find myself.  I’m taking baby steps to step up and speak up.  I’m looking forward to learning and sharing with you here on the mountain!


    Scott Brandon Hoffman

    Hey Deanna (@teenlaunchacademy), wow yourself!

    Thank you for checking out the story and the journey, having been afraid in the past to put myself out there, I hear you and feel you, all I can say is that you reach a point where hiding and playing small become more painful than stepping up and doing your gifts.

    I hid for way too long, EVEN with a HUGE personality, I am not one to be shy in front of a crowd haha!

    But I still had stories in my head, now I’m performing in front of big crowds doing Improv comedy, I just did two live concerts on Saturday night in front of about 160 people, I was the MC, played keys in the band, sang, the whole deal, now there is no real fear around any of it, it;s SO refreshing.

    It’s funny how the mind creates the massive stories, so now I’m ALL about continuing to step up to the next biggest version of myself, and I REALLY look forward to seeing you create your genius for the world as well!

    You got this, and it looks like you’re on a powerful mission to help teens, what a great place to start!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Sir @Scott, this has been a long time coming. Both of us share so many of the same passions. I’m really really pumped to help you craft something magical, authentic, powerful and wildly unique. It’s great to have you on the mountain. Your fun-vibe is a great vibe for this tribe and you have a ton of great experience, inspiration and wisdom to bring to the community. Really grateful to have you around the campfire and can’t tell you how excited i am to see what the ‘final product’ is that you release.

    As for “work flow’ and staying on track to see the vision through. We’ve got your back and are here for you buddy. Let’s go kick some ass and laugh our asses off while it’s being kicked!


    Marjetka Novak

    Hey Scott,

    Welcome! I am looking forward to see whot you will create …


    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    Hey, @scott.

    I can identify with much of what you shared — especially the break down from doing work that was slowly killing me (apparently I had to go through that phase twice before getting the message!) and stepping into living my art.

    Definitely looking forward to more interactions here on the mountain and adding you to my (growing!) list of folks here I’d like to collaborate with in the future. 🙂


    Scott Brandon Hoffman

    @bradleytmorris, you sir are a creative bad ass, and YES, we’ve known each other and have been wanting to work, create, and collaborate together for a while, so super stoked to to see what unfolds here, the creativity that I’ve seen so far, only in the second checkpoint is off the charts, you guys are crazy and super awesome.

    I SO have to get a green screen and a some video magic for my work/play after watching your crazy antics with it!

    Thanks for the kind words, yeah I’ve been around, excited for the next chapters of my brand and artistry!

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    Scott Brandon Hoffman

    Thank you @sospita, likewise!


    Scott Brandon Hoffman

    Hey @waynebuckhanan, I’m thinking that you had to go through it “only twice” I think I’ve had about 4 rounds of the Universal 2 x 4 upside the head, so I decided to stop NOT listening haha!

    Thanks brother, I look forward to see your journey up the mountain and what you create!


    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    Haha! Touche, @scott. Let me rephrase that as I have had two “break downs” around it all. I’ll bet there were other times that just didn’t hit that same level of drama (or self-awareness).

    Good to “meet” you and I’m sure it’ll be a wild ride for all of us!


    sharon Lock

    Hey @scott,

    great to connect with you on the mountain. I too deeply resonate with your story and thinking. I love what you said about your mission. –

    “My mission is to wake up and FREE as many people as possible!”

    I have struggled with stepping out of playing small and being visible. But, it is too uncomfortable for me to continue doing that so I’m challenging myself every day to grow into the big shoes I’ve got for my ecourse plans. Looking forward to supporting you in your mission, it’s very aligned to mine

    “My mission is to support individuals  (Coaches, Mentors, Facilitators, Therapists) to create the life they choose and to do their best work by nourishing their own spirit. In doing so they give others unconscious permission to do the same. Being the best version of themselves they can be, they therefore becoming great leaders.”

    I think for me this is the best way that I can create a ripple effect to begin by supporting those who support others.

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