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    Anonymous @

    Hey guys.  Séamus here with a little intro.

    I’m going to by-pass the little things such as my career, education, etc. in this intro and just jump straight to it.  My purpose is to further enable the evolution of mankind through teaching and empowering individuals to harness their gifts, their power, and their passion.  Through this course and others I aim to learn how to bring my knowledge and connections to the forefront of the web in the most effective and impactful way possible.  What I learn here will go on to benefit other organizations who share similar intent such as Stream of Consciousness (SoC), Conscious Thought Revolution (CTR), and Power of Law.

    I aim to do this mostly through short video clips, ebooks, and audio via a central hub domain.  My colleagues, friends, and I will teach the broad and the specific elements of next level health, intuition, mind power, and a deep understanding of the human condition.  To begin, however, I’ll be starting small with recording myself teaching body instincts, health hacks, life hacks, east-west health science integration, and general psycho-spiritual understanding of human design and function.  The aim is to further empower humanity’s existing emissaries.

    As you may guess, empowerment that brings about higher states of being is what sparks my fire.  In these indescribably troubled times on our planet I believe we need to excel our growth from the inside out instead of the outside in.  And so begins my early baby-steps in the online part of  the vision.

    Thanks for reading.

    How about you?  What is your BIG purpose?


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Thank you Seamus for your wonderful introduction and for sharing your beautiful, big vision with the crew around the campfire. We are holding it and you in the light to be created. This is your spark.

    As you were sharing, here were my first instinctual thoughts:

    1. Your vision is huge. There are a lot of pillars that you are looking to activating (many courses it seems). That is okay, with the right strategy in place from the ground up.

    2. My feeling is that focusing on building mini courses (mini mountains) that teach one very specific skill set, such as a course on “Master your Body’s Instincts.”

    You focus on creating super premium master classes on each of the areas you specialize in.

    Each one of those courses will essentially be a template that you repeat again and again for every course you create.

    a) Create a free opt-in that gets them exploring the skill.

    b) Enrol them in the Master Class

    c) Enrol them in the next course you create on a different skill set.

    That’s what I would do if I were you. 

    Rather than trying to make these huge, elaborate courses that take forever. Build small, potent, high quality courses that people invest $50-100 for.

    WHat do you think?



    Anonymous @

    Hey Bradley!  Thank you very much for taking the time to read over my intro and offer specific and useful feedback.

    How to structure this vision is a crucial part of the foundation this will sit upon.  To ensure I actually make progress and not overwhelm myself into a stand-still, I agree with you on the mini-mountain approach.  The landing page free opt-in is a definite necessity.  From there I’ve been thinking about a three tier course structure that teaches the bare-bone basics, the next level essentials, and then an advanced master course.  For the purpose of this adventure, I think I’ll keep it to level 1 and 2 for now.

    So, yes!  I agree with you brother.  Ideas validated ????????  Thank you


    Anonymous @

    Here’s my intro VIDEO!  (my publicly posted video folks.  The first of many… !)



    Chris Gilmour

    Welcome to the mountain Seamus,

    My course topics are quite different but it looks like we have similar interests as your vision for your course is very much in line with my goals in life.

    I look forward to climbing the mountain with you and supporting each other’s work.

    Chris Gilmour
    Changing World Project


    Chris Gilmour

    Ha Seamus,

    I just realized we know each other. You are the same Seamus that used to live in the other cabin on Micheal Nickels Farm, 7 Ravens Farm, on Salt Spring Island, correct?

    This is Chris Gilmour, I was the permaculture intern that summer living with my (now) wife Laura in the other cabin up the hill.

    Awesome to reconnect!


    Anonymous @

    Thanks for the welcome Chris.  We’re definitely in line, living the Big Purposes.  Great to meet you brother.  Well done on the use of green screen.

    May I ask what video editing software you prefer?


    Chris Gilmour

    Did you see my second reply to you? Look at the post before your last one asking about software.

    I have been using Screenflow for editing. All the recording has been done on an iPhone 6 with an external mic. for Mic’s I have been using the Giant Squid Omni Pro Laviear or a Rode Video Mic Pro


    Anonymous @

    Hey Chris!   You must’ve posted around the same time I did.

    You seemed familiar.  That’s wild.  Congratulations on hitching up with Laura! 😉

    I was just reflecting on my experience at Seven Ravens yesterday.  The synchronicities never cease.


    Thank you for the recommends on software and mics.  More research to add to the pile!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    100% validated. Stoked to see how these seeds evolve.

    Funny that you guys know each other!


    Cathy Howitt

    Hi Seamus,

    A great INTRO video and written words. Phew! Your vision is huge and I absolutely agree with Bradley’s recommendations – lots of mini courses leading to bigger ones. I think you will have an awesome time creating them. I look forward to seeing you on the mountain.


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