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    Lorraine Watson

    Here’s my course outline with the steps on the journey.

    One question I’m struggling with is whether or not to combine steps 1) and 2) into session. Originally I had them combined but felt there was too much material AND it took away from discussions about growth. Splitting them apart however, leaves me wondering what I can do for activities / exercises after a bunch of intro type stuff.

    I’m still wrestling with have each session be one or two weeks in length before the next starts. I’m concerned a two week gap after week one will be too long. Was wondering about starting 2) earlier to give people something to chew on. Thoughts or suggestions about pacing and keeping people engaged?

    Begin With Being Outline

      1)     Busy Being You

    Establish a starting point for the journey ahead and building group cohesiveness, looking at our thoughts around being and doing

    2)      Growth Spurts

    Exploring growth and change once we’ve become adults

    3)     Listening 101

    Bring awareness to observing and Listening to the signals and messages in our inner and outer worlds

    4)     Cutting Through The Do-Do

    Exploring our passions and patterns for more clues of clarity

    5)     The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

    Looking at what we wish for to learn more about ourselves

      6)     Inner Whispers

    Turning the spotlight onto the whispers and inner prods we can’t quite hear or grab hold of

      7)     Quilting Bees

    Stitching the pieces together to see what larger patterns were always there

      8)     Traversing The Unknown

    Facing fears and foibles head on to lessen their power and skill building for dealing with not knowing

      9)     The Melding Pot

    The follow up session, bookending the process after time has passed (2 weeks?) to discuss new insights, questions, etc

    PS: THANK YOU!! for letting us stay in Creatora Heights for another two weeks. Not sure if that will be enough even then with all else on my plate, but I have a chance at getting through more ground before heading on. Do not want to get left too far behind.


    Deb Robson

    Liking the overall shape here, @lorrainewatson. And your section titles, although “Listening 101” doesn’t have its magic yet–the others are definitely intriguing!

    I was pulled aside a little by “Quilting Bees,” because the others have all been abstract and for me quilting is not at all abstract. And I keep trying to read “Melting Pot” instead of “Melding Pot.” Those issues may be resolved for the participants by the way you construct the course.

    Without deeper knowledge of what you will include, I think your idea of kicking off (1) as an intro and then delving into (2) without a longer wait is likely a good one.



    Lorraine Watson

    Thanks for the feedback Deb @robson. I chose “quilting bee” as a variation on the theme of “puzzle pieces” being put together to form a larger picture. You’re quite right about that being the stage in the process of going from the nebulous, abstract and chaotic to forming something far more tangible, concrete and orderly. The use of Melding over Melting is intentional (and a word I use frequently). In my mind melting is that initial process of everything coming together. Melding is the process of deepening having had a chance to sit with everything and create something richer in flavour that wasn’t initially there.


    Penny Claringbull

    @lorrainewatson I had exactly the same thoughts as Deb when I read this. The quilting bit made me think of a different kind of course altogether so it kind of threw me out of alignment. Maybe a title with stitching or puzzle pieces or something like that in it?

    Also re: melding. I love the word melding and I use it too, but I find that people’s vocabularies are not always the same as mine so keeping it straightforward can be a good thing. That said, words make people question and pay attention, which is the aim after all! And melding does describe the process so using it deliberately may prompt deeper thought about the process.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Great suggestions so far and awesome work @lorrainewatson. This is looking wonderful.

    As for timing, I think having week one (your Basecamp enrollment process) being just a week long should be good and then each Checkpoint after that being two weeks.

    Curious how you intend to deliver the content and every how often?

    When people arrive at Checkpoint 2, how will their experience unfold in your mind?

    Great job!


    Lorraine Watson

    @pennyclaringbull – thanks for your thoughts on quilting and melding too. Will do some more mulling on a better phrase for pulling together the pieces

    @bradleytmorris – thanks for your input on the timing between 1 & 2. Unless I get more inspiration for appropriate content there, a week will be more than plenty. I’m finding in flushing out the second week, it is definitely enough material that would feel crammed in if placed in the first week.

    I’d like to do a lesson every two weeks, or at a minimum 10 days. A week is too short for going into deeper iterations of exploring. My current thoughts around delivery for each session are a pdf file of content, a short video going over the material and a (recorded) live call. Over time I could look at dropping the live call in favour of a more comprehensive video to make it a true automated ecourse. The interaction with participants is important to me so not super keen on leaving that out to begin with.

    I envision their experience to be one of a curious explorer venturing to a little known or unknown land and mapping the territory for a new grounding. Each week is looking at a different facet of their outer world to find greater clarity and being their true selves.

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