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    Akasha Madron

    At the Wednesday coaching call I committed to getting the first draft outline of my Basic ECourse for Doulas regarding boundaries, protection, and transitions by Friday.  So I am just under the wire on this.

    I have a feeling it is probably too long but I couldn’t figure out how to make it shorter.  I will mainly be doing guided audio mp3s, pdf docs and video.

    First an  Introductory Overview

    This will be a welcome, overview of the concept, purpose etc. who I am how to contact me how to best learn etc.


    Lesson 1: Basic Skills Needed to to the rest of the course

    Breath with intention and breathing, Easy ways to Center, easy ways to Ground. Bringing them all together.   Body memory versus Mind Memory.

    (my intention is to teach toward getting them to get it into their body so they don’t have to think while they are stressed, chaotic, and tired during labor.


    Lesson 2:  Reading Energy

    Learn how to read energy in rooms and from people to help determine what is needed women by moment.

    Key points are recognizing when the doula is out of body and how to get back in fast, how to notice if draining ones energy and how to stop.  how to cleanse and clear self and others in the room.


    Lesson 3:  Grounding and Cleansing Spaces

    Purpose: to be able to read the energy of a room and be able to shift it if need be.

    Key points are reading the room, grounding and cleansing a space, creating a container of protection and focus (sacred space).  How to adapt this to any type of space.


    Lesson 4:  Transitions

    purpose: to be able to help keep the labor momentum going despite moving from a home to a hospital or any kind of shift from one environment to another.  The Doula to be able to smoothly enter and exit the labor space.  Help birthing parents to create a brief welcome ritual for the baby’s transition into the 3rd dimension.

    Key Points are a Doula begin and end ritual as they start work and end it. Birthing parent and baby transition easements, how to use ritual to help ease.


    Lesson 5:  Straddling Dimensions

    Purpose: to help the Doula be able to be in the labor zone with baby and birthing parent, while monitoring and keeping track of the 3rd dimensions of midwife/doctor/nurse reality while also monitoring their one body’s needs.

    Key points: Understanding how the birthing parent and baby, and in some ways the Doula, are in a different dimension during labor separate from the 3rd dimension.  that with the actual  physical birth it is a shock and adjustment is needed.  Ritualizing this transition is strongly helpful for their body’s ease in weathering that multidimensional shift. Also, how to straddle dimensions without getting whiplash.  How to be a conduit rather than leeching energy from the Doula’s own body during the labor.


    Lesson 6:  Self Care

    Purpose: Learn active self care during labor without having to think.

    Key points:  preparing a doula bag for self as well as for birthing family,  how to energetically re-energise or cleanse self quickly , how to establish a support group of unseen beings as well as humans to support the Doula through out the labor process.


    I am pretty sure that is it.  I have 6 minutes before Saturday.

    I welcome any and all feedback, thank you!



    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    Yeah! Way to commit and reach your set deadline, Akasha!!!

    Awesome and interesting course!! Congrats on getting your draft outlined!! Question: How long would the course and each lesson would be?


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    WOOHOO Akasha! Way to go on reaching that deadline (AKA lifeline) with six minutes to spare (and celebrate).

    Digging the first outline.

    I have the same question as Bobbie Jo. How long will this series take folks to go through?

    How do you envision that flow being, as I’m assuming this is your “Walk in the Park (free course)?

    What is your goal for this Saturday’s pending deadline?  (let’s do it again!)


    Jennifer Summerfeldt

    Hey There Akasha!

    Course for Doula’s – this is fantastic. I think we have some things in common 😉

    I was a doula for years, and studied direct entry midwifery for 8 years. Currently, I specialize in helping mom’s heal from traumatic childbirth experiences. I work as a trauma recovery counsellor. I am blending my passion for childbirth with my passion for trauma recovery into a course for mothers.

    I hope we can support each other along the way 🙂

    Do you have a buddy?


    Akasha Madron

    Hi Jennifer,

    Yes, lets definitely connect.  I left a message with my direct email, I hope you got it.  Let me know if you didn’t.



    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    Great job! Amazing how much comes together in those final deadline moments huh!?


    Jennifer Summerfeldt

    Hey Akasha,

    Based on your outline, I am guessing that this course is in addition to Doula training – like upgraded content for Doula’s who want to deepen their work as a Doula?

    What top skills – maybe 3 major skills – are you envisioning your Doula clients walk away with that they can confidently add to their Doula bag? 

    Also, how will these teachings enhance their current practice?

    I will be curious to hear about your story and why you are offering this cournse – ‘As a Doula I have experienced the following…’ kind of thing.

    Yeah! This is exciting. <3


    Luma Malone

    Hi Akasha,

    Your course offering is really emerging out of the ethers and into the world of hands on form. It is a tricky balance, maintaining focus in several dimensions simultaneously. I am imagining the near future where a group of doulas have completed your course… feels like the sacred re-infused into birthing and a much more welcoming entry for newly arriving souls. The 3d world is so ready for a whole new way of understanding what occurs during the birth portal opening.

    I often work with clients to shift the trauma of their birth arrival. If one person had been present at the birth with the level of energy awareness that you are teaching, much of the trauma could have been averted or skillfully navigated. I sense the urgency of getting your offering up and out there. Those newly arriving souls want a softer landing and a clear head start on life. Your course is literally helping the future to land safely!

    My new neighbour has been a doula for 30 years and is just putting together a training manual for doulas on how to use reflexology. We were talking about it over dinner just last week. And how more energy / multi-dimensional awareness would be wonderful for doulas and others attending to births.

    Jennifer-  How will these teachings enhance their current practice? – great question to get the outline more clear grounded. Some conversations about this with several different doulas could help to crystallize this.

    Congratulations on meeting your deadline goat Akasha!

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