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    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    Hey everyone 🙂

    Starting a progress log for a new endeavor that’s beginning to come to fruition.

    As many of you know, I’ve been hosting a retreat every few months. The Audio Alchemy Retreat is a 10 day retreat in Hawaii for electronic music producers to deeper their craft and connect with a tribe of like-minded artists.

    We did our first retreat in March of 2016, and it was an immediate success. I partnered with a friend who is a decently well known musician in the psychedelic music niche.

    The retreat started as an idea to do a weekend workshop while he stopped over in Hawaii to visit me. This was January 2016 when we had the idea. We decided lets do a 5 day “retreat”, put it out to his followers and promote it locally here.

    We were surprised to see that 2 months later, we had 18 attendees show up for the first 5 day retreat, half of which flew in from all across the planet. Everyone left wanting more, so we decided the next one would be 10 days.

    So we booked another for November 2016, put the word out, and this time ended up with just over 20 participants (our goal was 25). Many of which were also at the first retreat only 6 months previous, and live across the planet from here.

    Needless to say, it was quite clear we were on to something special.

    So yet again, we booked another retreat, scheduled for March 2017.

    That just ended last week, and it was another success (though not as many people as the second one, which I attribute to short notice.. We only promoted this last one for 2 months)

    Music is my passion. No doubt about it.

    So the question now lies before me: how can I continue to bring this vision to life, and also apply it in the digital space? (Audio Alchemy Online)


    Every Friday is Audio Alchemy day. A complete workday that is 100% focused on growing this business.

    After 4 months, I will devote another weekday to Audio Alchemy. This means one less day for GEA. What to do? Work smart not hard. So my task will be to boost the efficiency of my efforts in regards to GEA and automate as much as possible.

    Every 4 months, another day gets devoted to music and Audio Alchemy.

    The endgame is to eventually reach a point where all GEA needs from me to thrive is one complete workday a week.

    All the rest of my time can then be applied to music.

    Life is good.

    So! I am now officially a student of my own creation, and will be working alongside the rest of you wild animals to create our reality our way. Will be posting regular progress log updates, and going through GEA like a good student should.

    While this is happening, I’ll also be working behind the scenes, making some big improvements to our platform so our time here together is the best ever.

    Let’s do this!

    PS – We’ve got a big announcement next week which will be about a super simple and fun opportunity for us all (yes YOU) to finally do the thing we’ve been silently obsessing over all this time.


    Chris Gilmour

    Right on Andy, Inspiring story! It will be great to witness the growth of your new(ish) project alongside ours. Congratulations on the success so far and your commitment to the vision and next steps. Thanks for all your help and mentoring thus far as well. Things are really taking off with my new cocktails project. I’m pretty stoked as well!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    This feels so awesome that you’re doing this. Pumped to see what it’s like to go through this silly course we made as students!

    Let’s give’er!


    Akasha Madron

    This is awesome Andy!

    I am very inspired by your schedule plans.

    Great to be hiking with you!


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