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    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    Articulating to articulate (inspired by Bradley & Andy’s interviewing Tad) to get clear and gather any feedback…


    Students come to me to: Channel the healing power of the ocean into their life.

    Why? They have  deep connection to the ocean, an affinity with the sea and seashells, it is the one place they feel better (want to connect with it, express it, share it), they want to be more entwined with the ocean, learn about it’s positive effects on life, ways to heal with it and ways to give back and protect it, a unique way to connect and express themselves. (these are student comments)

    How do I help? I connect them to the nature of themselves through nature itself. Teaching them about our ocean connection and ways to harness the healing power of the ocean through their shells, energy and meditation. Through these journeys I empower them to see and connect to their ocean within (their inner connection, peace, expression, freedom, joy…).

    My Story: Kapa Kai started as a way for me to express myself in my healing arts career. I’ve always been drawn to the ocean (even not growing up anywhere near it!). I incorporated my love for the sea with my massage degree, creating The Original Seashell Therapy (an ocean form of bodywork incorporating shells, stones, temperatures, energy, meditation, vibrational essences and massage).

    This was a great way to express myself, as I didn’t listen to my heart in my profession and followed what other people understood (energy is what fascinated me, but most people ‘got’ the deep tissue work). By incorporating the ocean, I was bringing the energy of me and the sea in.

    I had students appear, and certified other therapists in this technique (in different countries too).

    The Transition: At the same point in time, my body got tired of massaging, and I decided to stop teaching the therapy in the way that I was (the course taught specific shells, and I had to supply those. Purchasing them I couldn’t control the ‘ethical’ means by which they were obtained, and that went against my personal ethics and love for the sea).

    I still had students approaching wanting to learn, so I created Seashell Therapy 101 (an intro course teaching how to work and connect with your own shells or how to ethically find some).

    During this time as well, needing to ‘express myself’ and being inspired by a sign my client gifted me (“When all else fails, be a Mermaid”) and she said I was ‘motivational’ and need to do something with my writing, Mermaid Monday Motivational Minutes were born! (These are under 2 minute videos and blog posts.)

    I’ve done these every week this year (so fun- I LOVE doing them! just a short inspirational message for swimming the seas of life).

    These quotes are big parts of my essence:

    You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop. ~Rumi

    All of us have in our veins the exact same percentage of salt in our blood that exists in the ocean, and, therefore, we have salt in our blood, in our sweat, in our tears. We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch it- we are going back from whence we came. ~ John F. Kennedy

    An ocean of possibility lies within you. Don’t wait for someone to uncover it. DIVE IN and discover it! (that’s by me)

    My Manifesto, or beliefs, or point of views…

    I believe we are all One Ocean Ohana. That Ocean is a universal language that connects us all (after all, we are ocean!).

    I believe we are all connected and must show respect to ourselves, others, all living things and our planet.

    I believe when we feel connected, we care. (As Jacques-Yves Cousteau said ‘People protect what they love.’)

    I believe that just as much of the sea lies undiscovered, so too does our potential.

    I believe that everything we seek is within us, and everything starts within us (let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me).

    I believe in following your heart and expressing your truth.

    I believe it’s all about love.

    I believe in living Aloha.

    FEEDBACK: Whatever comes to mind. Is this clear? Is something missing? It took me a long time to get this posted (I wrote it like a bazillion times!)

    Thank you SO much for your time!

    THANK YOU to all those who actually made it this far! If I had a seashell badge or a bajillion clams- I’d offer ’em up! Ocean of love & gratitude!!



    Lorraine Watson

    Bobbie Jo @kapakai8gmail-com – great work here. Love the parallels between Life and the ocean.

    Would love to see Who description (Tad has a challenge of describe your who / niche in 140 chars or less.) and a bit more distinction / teasing out the problem (Island A) they are experiencing and what they are seeking (Island B) into two separate categories.

    What would you say is your Big Why … taking the 140 char or under challenge?

    Forgiving me for being a prairie girl, could you expand on what living Aloha means?



    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    Oh, GREAT feedback, Lorraine! Thank you!! Will definitely dive in to that and get back! Thank you!!


    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide


    Aloha is a Hawaiian word that can be a bit tricky to define, and generally misunderstood.

    Most people think its a greeting that means both hello and goodbye, but it is actually much more than that.

    In Hawaiian, “alo” means “to share” – “ha” means “breath”…

    So aloha can be translated to “we share the same breath” – it is an acknowledgement of the fact that we are alive in this wild existence, and thus is also referring to peace, harmony and compassion.

    To “live aloha” is basically referring to the idea of seeing our fellow humans as equals and acting with peace and harmony.


    Lorraine Watson

    Thanks for the explanation @andyfriest.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Thanks for sharing Bobbie Jo. I wanted to share an idea that popped into my mind.

    “A Meditation Journey through the Ocean of You (or something like that)”

    Basically, you could use your mermaid character to introduce each meditation and perhaps transformational journaling exercise and then you could have a guided audio meditation that your students do.

    I’m wondering if you make this ALL about the transformational meditation, breath connection (aloha) journey to help them connect to the ocean within…?

    And the mermaid is their guide…

    just a thought.

    Your thoughts?


    Chris Gilmour

    Hey Bobbie,

    Most of what you wrote seems quite clear to me. I feel like I really get an essence of who you are and the sacred connection you have with the ocean, nature, life etc. I think that story being told is likely part of what will attract people to you. As for what’s missing, I like Lorraine’s suggestions.

    Just to be clear on the “How you help” which is kinda your “what I offer” . I thought I would state back to you what I think I hear you offering. Hopefully, this will help you see whether your messaging is landing in the way you wish.

    So I hear that you are offering yourself/teachings as a guide to help people connect deeply with nature which in turns helps them better understand the nature of themselves. Through this, your students are able to cultivate the traits of ” inner connection, peace, expression, freedom, joy.” You help people do this through meditation, energy work, connecting with shells as medicine, and deepening their connection to the ocean.

    How does my interpretation land with you?

    Also in the why you mention helping ppl give back and protect the ocean, is the thought that this happens naturally through the work you do or is this another piece that could be expanded upon tin the “how I help” section?

    Keep Swimming Up that Mountian Mermaid, Glad to be on the trail with you!




    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    ANDY: Thank you so much for answering on Aloha! You’re the perfect person to answer that one, right from the Big Island!! I LOVE the link you shared as well! Mahalo!!


    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    BRADLEY: Your post moved me to tears!!! You SEE me. Thank you so much!! You have no idea how good that feels. So validating. Wow. THANK YOU!!

    That’s actually what I thought I came here for!! Then, I started thinking (darn thinking) that I should keep/redo some of my previous courses.

    My heart, my passion are in exactly what you said! You even almost exactly got what I call it! I call my meditation journeys “iOm” (inner Ocean meditations) and the course I initially came here to build is my JOY Journey (Journey into the Ocean of You). WOW! You like totally got it!! Thank you!

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on how to proceed- still keep the old and modify. Just dive into where I’m being called. Head back down to basecamp and repack my sack with my initial vision and climb back up?

    I think this is why I’d get stuck in my who, what, why, how… because there were so many who’s and what’s. They all kind of crossed over each other, but were different.

    Again, THANK YOU. You have no idea how much this comment of yours means!!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Awesome BJ. Stoked you feel seen and understood.

    I think you could create a super powerful meditation journey for folks.

    If this is where your passion is, then go for this particular idea.

    It’s likely you can re-use some of the exercises, etc from your previous course but I foresee this journey helping you to upgrade your entire brand in the process.

    What think you?

    If you were to imagine THREE courses (with this Mermaid Meditation Journey through the Oceans of you), what do you see? How many meditations and videos for each? What is the transformation for each?


    Play with this potential, based on my meditation courses to start, which became quite successful…

    a)  FREE Offering (Meditation with a purpose + a Video)

    b)  21 Day Meditation Journey

    c)  40 Day Meditation Journey

    Just do some brainstorming (no attachment to these #’s). Just play.


    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    BRADLEY: I did not forget and I have been diving in (as best I can with this stinkin’ sinus infection) to get clear! I GREATLY appreciate your ideas above to get me started!!!!! Thank you!

    So this is what I’ve got- it’s brief but a starting point (have to dive in on #videos, meditations, etc for b & c, that will give better idea of timeframe too).

    a) A free offering: Journey to the Calm Waters Within: Simple tools to access inner stillness in times of stress. (this one would have a video, a meditation and a journal Q)

    b) (length?? 21 day?) Journey to Inner Peace & Clarity: Tools and techniques to deepen your connection to inner peace and clarity (intuition).

    c) (Longer, 8 week or more?) Journey to Joy & Expression: Tools, techniques and exercises to connect with your unique voice (self-expression/creativity) and bring it into your being creating more happiness in your daily life.



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Hey Bobbie Jo,

    Sending nasal clearing good vibes! I have mould allergies and get super sneezy in the mornings when I wake up this time of year, so i feel for ya.

    We did just get an infrared sauna and in a week my symptoms are on the rapid decline. It’s AWESOME! Highly recommending going for as many saunas and sweating it outta your system.

    As for your three courses, here are my first thoughts:

    #1 is nice and clear. “Journey to the Calm Waters Within: Simple tools to access inner stillness in times of stress. (this one would have a video, a meditation and a journal Q)”

    What it is and the results it’ll provide people is nice and clear. You could create that in a day or two once your nasal passages are clear.

    #2 and 3 need work.

    #2: “Journey to Inner Peace & Clarity: Tools and techniques to deepen your connection to inner peace and clarity (intuition).” It’s still super vague on what it is. Is it about peace, clarity, intuition? Where did your ocean theme go? 😉

    If it’s about clarity, then can you narrow in on the kind of clarity? (job, relationship, etc…)

    If it’s about inuition, then make it about that.

    Which topic are you MOST skilled and passionate about guiding?

    How does it build upon the course on stress? How is this an obvious next step in your journey up the mountain?

    If they do your #1, then sign up for your #2, how is this leading them to the top of your mountain (ultimate transformation)?

    #3: “Journey to Joy & Expression: Tools, techniques and exercises to connect with your unique voice (self-expression/creativity) and bring it into your being creating more happiness in your daily life.”

    Okay, so I think I get it, but the average person won’t. What do you actually mean by “find your unique voice?” Is this a singing course?  When you say self expression and creativity, what do you actually mean?

    What will this course ACTUALLY be about? Who would want to sign up for it? What are they struggling with right now to make them want to do a course on self expression? How will you get through all their resistance (because a person who is not self expressive in their life will probably resist a course on the topic).

    Just asking lots of questions to hopefully spur you into a deeper exploration on WHAT you’re doing.

    I think your #1 is solid, as long as that topic is:

    a) something you want to offer

    b) something you feel confident in helping folks with

    c) makes sense in the grand scheme of who you are and what you want to be known for in the world with your work.

    How’s all this land for you? What’s it bring up? What questions do you have now? What are your next steps?

    Way to go BJ!


    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    BRADLEY: Love all of this feedback! Thank you!!! It’s really helping me see it more clearly! Diving in to it all now and will respond with more soon. THANK YOU! Also thank you for the good vibes and recommendation for the sinuses! A sauna sounds fabulous right now! It’s crazy cold out here.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    AWESOME! Stoked to hear. Let me know what you come up with when you’re ready to share next   😀


    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    Okay, so Bradley and adventurers, this is what I’ve got for feedback:

    FREE offering: BEach MEditation: From Stress to Sea Serenity in 7 Minutes

    FIRST offering: Journey to the Calm Waters Within. 21 days to tranquility. Cultivate a daily meditation practice to access inner stillness in times of stress. (Transformation: Daily Meditation Practice to connect to inner calmness)

    SECOND offering: Journey to your Inner Ocean of Peace. 40 days to freedom. Expand your meditation practice and discover more tools and techniques to maintain inner peace through times of stress and overwhelm. (Transformation: more confidently anchored in inner peace, even when ‘not’ meditating or ‘triggered’)

    I feel to access all the divine wisdom within, we need to start with peace, quiet and centering (it’s how we ‘take our power back’). That’s what these courses are for building- that inner connection, presence and awareness. Once we go within, all we seek starts showing itself (as long as we show up and ‘listen.’) Actually, all of my courses are to work to the ultimate transformation: P.E.A.R.L. Personal (true/unique to you) Enlightenment (insight/awareness) And Real (authentic) Living (being, mindful expression).

    This is the text I’ve got so far for updating my ‘home page.’ Any feedback here welcomed too!

    Dive in to the Ocean Within and Discover:

    Deeper Peace. Expanded Joy. Unbounded Freedom.

    In a world that asks much of us, it’s easy to lose ourself.

    It’s time to reconnect with YOU!

    Our online meditation courses take you on a sacred journey of self and sea to find your inner peace and live with awakened presence.

    Start your inner journey with some Free inspiration and a Free meditation.

    Sign up below to receive our Mermaid Monday Motivational Minutes and start your weekly swim on the right fin!

    They’re light, fun and refreshing short ‘lil videos (under 2 minutes) with a meaningful message to apply each week!

    Plus we’ll send you a free ‘BEach MEditation.’

    This meditation is great to quickly access calmness in times of stress (or just when you need a little ‘you time’).

    Again, any feedback welcomed (I’m just finally getting back to health and ready to move forward!). Also, Bradley, you really ‘saw’ me before in my rambling, so if anything is jumping out at you here, please let me know!

    Oceans of Love and Happy NEW Year fellow adventurers! Let’s all make it an AMAZING one! Woot woot!

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