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    DavidJ Jurasek

    I am making my way through Creatora Heights. Some parts of my vision are clear and far ahead. Other parts I need to revisit and clarify as I go. My buddy is moving through and up to date with the rest of this group. Am I behind? I don’t care any more. Gotta trust my own rhythm.

    Appreciating actually that many are ahead and trail blazing and I’ll have the coaching call archives to watch when I get there.

    Also appreciating the reminder today by Brad to look back over our commitments to live NOW and do more of what satisfies us on the journey, not just focusing on some goal. This journey is so awesome and rich in learn, all the twists and turns.

    Thank You!


    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    Awesome share David.. I encourage you not to worry about being “behind” – though it IS important to commit to some form of consistency with your course. We are creatures of habit. You’ll get far further far faster if you do a little bit every day rather than try to jam a bunch of work into a day every couple weeks.. Even just 30 minutes a day – its not much to ask, and the progress youll make will really blow your mind.

    So the big question is what small daily commitment are you willing to make to your progress?


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    David, it’s been far too long since we got an update from your side of the campfire. Please send us a smoke signal. Let us know how things are coming with your course.

    Your work is too important to leave it on a shelf to collect dust. Lets get you back in action.

    What can we do to support you?


    DavidJ Jurasek

    Thanks, Bradley, for checking in. I feel your caring and enthusiasm inviting me back to the communal fire.

    Well, I’ve been a lot of roundabouts, scaling aaaallll around the mountain side. Not seemingly going up, but around for sure.

    Here’s my progress and what I am most proud of:

    * Staying in weekly contact with my GEA buddy, Jutta. Awesome to support one another!

    * Been building an ecourse version of my martial arts + therapy group for kids with mental health challenges. It is going very well. We built a public site:  and have opened up a private membership area using Learndash which hosts two ecourses (one for the kids) and one for the 17 Senseis I am currently training and mentoring. A tonne of work in making it. We’ve got the first 6 weeks of the 20 week adventure up and they just entered the gates, giving some great feedback! This is huge, but not what I joined GEA to work on! Taking up most of my time, but I am so delighted and proud of it and see what a massive impact this will make – over time as we expand to more clinics and schools.

    * Been still faithfully — but with less time — working on the helping men with relationships ( ). Currently conceiving and building a quiz and a funnel that leads them down a rabbit hole, to self-select and join a private community, where I will enlist them to help me pioneer and beta test the first of many ecourse trainings –> BREAK UP or BREAKTHROUGH. This is what I have been working on within GEA. It’s a labyrinth (and Minotaur) themed adventure where men come out with more CLARITY, CERTAINTY and COURAGE to either leave their troubled relationship or really get down to transforming it into the source of true and lasting love they seek.


    1. To keep checking in on me is awesome.

    2. Any advice about the marketing end of the ecourse. I think we deal with that near the end, but I want to build it sequentially and have a lot of wild ideas about how — unconventional — that I want to air out on a thread or with you maestros. Like instead of asking for opt-ins before offering valued content, I making the invite on my website to an inclusive community and access to content, which is exclusive in membership by self-selection. They have to take a self-assessment quiz, agree that they are a good fit and commit to some basic agreements as an application to join us. My instinct says do it. My fear says, it might make it too hard. But, if that is the case, they are not the right types. : )

    Anyway, thanks for checking in.

    Any feedback is always appreciated from this camp!




    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Wow David, your Young Warriors site/course looks so cool. What a wonderful idea!!

    Sounds like you’re right where you need to be on the mountain. This magical journey is mysterious and wonderful. Come for one course, but create a completely different one.

    How have you been enjoying LearnDash?

    Looks like your relationships course will birth itself in it’s own time. Nature is taking its course with that one.

    As for your marketing approach. Those are both great ideas (quiz + community). If there’s one major lesson we’ve learned in the last 3-4 months with all the webinars and “Walk in the Park” offerings we’ve made it’s that you never know until you actually try it.

    If you haven’t seen our “Art of eCourse Creation” webinar, you may wanna have a look at that and think of some creative ways you can offer your own intro webinar.

    And just to be clear. Which are you talking about marketing? Young Warriors or Loving Relationships?

    Excited to have you back around the fire!


    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    Hey David!

    Thanks for the awesome update with what’s happening in your world!

    You are doing great work – keep it up!

    To address your question regarding marketing – i think you are on to something, and by no means do you need to follow the status quo. The important thing is that you do your best to keep the opt-in process simple and easy, EVEN IF you implement more filtering so that you are only bringing in the right people.

    You can still use the classic opt-in form, and what will make the difference is the copy that surrounds it.

    Most opt-ins use broad and generic, overly hyped promises to capture as many leads as possible.

    By simply being specific and clear in what your offering is and who it’s for, you’ll filter out the noise by default.

    The key is that for those who DO resonate with what you are saying, you want it to be EASY for them to say yes and get access.

    As for a self-assesment quiz.. you can totally do this, but KEEP IT DEAD SIMPLE!!!

    Thrive Leads has a feature that allows you to do multi-step opt-ins..

    So you could create an opt-in pop-up that has an extremely simple “assesment quiz”.. This should only be like 1-3 questions MAX. Again, keep it simple!

    Essentially, it would be, say, a 2 or 3 step opt in.. Each step would have a statement, and a “yes, this is me” button, which takes them to the next step. On the last step is the name+email signup form, which then gives them access..

    Make sense?

    Happy to dive in deeper and/or clarify anything above!

    PS – Here’s a tutorial video on how to set up multi-step opt-ins with Thrive Leads:


    DavidJ Jurasek


    Thanks for the vote of confidence in pioneering and trusting my way while also the caution to keep it simple. Got it, Master Zen Teach!






    DavidJ Jurasek

    Oct. 21 update…

    Making MANY ecourses….

    The first focus is on YOUNG WARRIORS: a mental health meets Martial Arts training we do in Toronto live. Progress: 

    – We moved from Learndash to Thinkific. 100X easier to have this service after all the setbacks and tech issues with Learndash (a great platform if it could work for us!).

    – I have already been creating and have users on THREE ecourses. Two for Senseis and one for the students and parents. The later is pretty awesomely fun! We just filmed a video of our Sensei confronting his ninja saboteur only to discover it was his own shadow self all along. Now we train to overcome inner struggles! Looks great and enriches our existing live program big time! Also great for training more Senseis.


    The second focus is POWERFUL and LOVING and my progress is: 

    – Switching from OptimizePress to Wixx. Again, much simpler and easier to use without periodic headaches with tech stuff.

    – I am getting clearer about WHO this business serves (good, kind, sensitive men who value relationships and want more adventure, yet struggle with staying or going).

    – I am writing script for a whole series of videos and quizes to get to the step of joining our community — a private only membership area — where I will be building the ecourse with their testing and support.

    – Planning to launch in Jan or Feb – BEFORE Valentine’s day, when most couple break up.

    – Title (BREAKTHROUGH to LOVE) and focus of ecourse has shifted to being more about helping me to find the good feelings of love that went missing. Not only about just clarity of WHY they are unhappy and then making a bold decision to stay or go, but going further to transforming the negative emotions driving them to be unhappy and want to leave or settle into positive and powerful emotions that can recharge and evolve the nature of their relationship. I feel excited about this as my strength and skill is most potent in helping people shift emotions, not just to get clear. When people feel better, they tend to make better and wiser decisions too.

    I will keep you all updated.

    Will be having more and more to share and test out in the real world marketplace of life soon.



    Chris Gilmour

    Wow David, Just checking out your projects for the first time. I love your overall themes and think we may have a few things in common. I am as well a martial artist, I live just North of you up in Muskoka, I have spent a lot of the past 10 years mentoring youth in the outdoors and using nature as a gateway to being a good and competent human being and love your concept around helping men with love and relationships. I look forward to following your project.


    DavidJ Jurasek

    @Chris Gilmour,


    I appreciate your feedback. My wife Maria (of Guerilla Gourmet fame) and deeply into nature consulting have heard about you through the PINE project! Small world!

    I just checked out your World Changing Solutions project. Super important and big in scope what you’re tacklin’… excited to see how that comes together too!

    Hope our paths cross again soon going up this great mountain of Ecourse creation!





    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Wow, congrats on all the progress and clarity David. So exciting to see it all coming together.

    I commend you for all your hard work and persistence. It will pay off.

    Can’t wait to see some of your finished products. Do send some links when any of your courses are ready AND do let us know how we can be of service   🙂

    As for the tech, yes Thinkific will be 100+% easier than LearnDash to get you off the ground and launched. Perhaps later when you’ve got a bigger budget to play with you can hire a tech wizard to build your dream platform.

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