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    Christy Greenwood

    My eCourse has launched and dancers will begin their
    moving adventure from this Monday onwards.
    I am thrilled to share with you!

    ☆Activate & Nourish Your Wild Genius
    An 8-Week Rewilding Dance Journey Online

    Congrats to all those who have reached Launch Summit!
    Some of my biggest breakthroughs on this journey have involved letting my hands be the hands of the creative spark and letting the creation come through me rather than from me. I was astounded with the way it all came together in ways beyond my expectation.

    I have grown in my patience the most during this experience. There were so many wobbles and falls along the way, but I just kept going…one. step. at. a. time.

    I am most excited about sharing this with the world! I am also stoked about getting out into my garden & nature more, after some heavy computer marathons! 

Freedom, to me, is having the ability & time to devote myself to the creative spark that wants to create beauty through me in my home, life, work & all of my relations. To me, freedom is the opportunity to enjoy life, breathe fresh air, eat nourishing food, laugh, cry, dance, share, play, serve….be who I am fully & completely.

    I live pretty close to my definition of freedom. I LOVE my home near the Cowichan River and I feel free when I can be here a lot. I would continue my creative service to others while working from home more and spending lots of time in nature, running, dancing, gardening, being with my family & friends. I would love to travel to places I am called to.

    My plan for living my version of freedom involves playing my cello, learning to make electronic music, studying herbology. My immediate plan is to close my computer more often, be with my family and get outside to enjoy this beautiful world we’ve been gifted.

    My commitment to my community:
    I bow to those who are called to work with me and I am devoted to serving them through the hands of the creative spark that is fueling me. I commit to attending to my Facebook group and all the dancers who will be moving through this journey and offering compassionate & potent attention to all of my clients who come for sessions, dance journeys and retreats. I
    commit to letting the love of spirit guide the way around how I can best serve those who are called to work with me.

    Now that I have launched my course I am going to get outside for the summer as much as possible and attend to my home, family & clients. I will dream into what wants to be created through me next! I will probably start from the bottom of the mountain again. 

I am going to give myself space to reflect and nurture my body.
 I intend to use my super powers for good by continuing to listen to my guidance and having the courage to keep saying yes to my heart. I also intend to use my super powers to dust off my cello and keep learning how to play.

    What I loved most about this adventure was the pure amount of time devoted to creativity. This eCourse adventure was fun and full of soulful love & insight. I loved that.

    The biggest lessons related to determination and continuing….one step at a time….
This journey exceeded my expectations because it was way bigger of a mountain than I knew when I started climbing. I created something that exceeded my expectations of myself and that feels really good. Also, you guys rocked the creation of this eCourse.
    You have created a masterpiece and I feel like I have too.
    I look forward to future creations!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your insights and reflections on your journey up the mountain <span class=”bbp-user-nicename”><span class=”handle-sign”>@</span>Christy.</span>

    Not sure if you’re free this coming Wednesday at 1pm, PST but we’d love to interview you regarding your journey up the mountain and launch. If that time doesn’t work, then you, Andy and I can do it another time.

    Happy you’ll be getting more time for the great outdoors, garden and fun.

    I can’t wait to see the results of people going through your creation.


    Christy Greenwood

    Hi @bradleytmorris, thank you for the invitation to be interviewed. Yes, I will shift things around to make that happen! I’d love to.
    Happy New Home to you also!


    Christy Greenwood

    Another huge breakthrough during this creation was around being okay with “rejection”. I expect many people to totally write this course off when it’s not for them and I celebrate it because those who say yes, are my peeps! I’ve read enough youtube comments sections to see the most beautiful videos (in my eyes) ripped apart by various people on the internet. I feel like I’ve become stronger in serving my ideal clients well and not taking things personally when people aren’t into it.

    I look forward to taking in more of your blogs, interviews and sharings now that I am at this stage.




    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    Holy seashells, @christy !!! This is beyond words AWESOME!!!!! Wow!!! I love, love, love it!!! Way to go!!!! It is beautiful. Professional. Fun. Transformational. Just SO many things!!! Thank you for sharing all of your insightful breakthroughs as well. EnJOY all of that nature, family and cello time! You deserve it! And your tribe is going to benefit from this so much. Your creativity and heart just SHINE through it all. I’m dancing in celebration with you! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    How’s it been going with your first group @christy? I checked the FB group and it looks like there are some awesome breakthroughs happening!


    Christy Greenwood

    Hi @bradleytmorris,

    It’s going well. I am feeling good about the way it’s going. I am now looking at how to market more effectively and creative ways to share. It’s a garden that is growing nicely.

    I set up my affiliate system (with 4 so far) and have decided to keep my course at $99.
    It’s huge value. I have not had sales since I ended my earlybird though.

    This shows me that I need to refine my clarity when I share about it.

    I am discovering & open to learning about more creative ways to share.
    Thanks for checking in!





    Christy Greenwood


    Thank you so much for that epic feedback and taking the time to write!
    Thank you for really “seeing” what I am offering.
    I appreciate your enthusiasm and dance of celebration with me.
    Your encouragement means a lot.

    Much gratitude,

    Christy 🙂


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Something we do again and again and again is go through our sales page and refine it. 

    You may want to do that with fresh eyes. See if there is anyway you can make things clearer, simpler, more concise.

    Are there anyways you can communicate the value with less fluff or words?

    Is there anything on the sales page that doesn’t help people know if hte course is a good fit for them.

    We just re-did our sales page AGAIN for the millionth and tenth time.

    But it feels great.

    Here’s the thing:

    You know you have an incredible eCourse. So if people aren’t signing up, you’re either not communicating the value and transformation clear enough (what it is) OR you’re not getting enough traffic that is your ideal tribe.

    Fortunately, both are fixable problems!


    1. Go through your sales page with a fine tooth comb and refine, make improvements and make it simpler to know what the journey is all about.

    2. Tell me five things you’re going to do to make your next launch date a bigger success than your first launch.

    (I know you’re on evergreen, but you should have a date that you’re always gearing up for. It helps you to put the flower petal to the metal and GSD, more than just waiting for people to show up and pay money)

    Hope this helps give some direction and inspiration!


    Christy Greenwood

    Brilliant! I will do this all. Thank you, @bradleytmorris!

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