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    Judy Brenneman

    #6 and #7, Architekt Forest

    #6 Architekt Forest (goes with #5, which I posted earlier, tho at the moment, I don’t remember where…)

    1) What tools do you know you’ll share?
    writing exercises (skill building, experimenting w/ techniques, creativity cracking)
    [and because this occurred to me while doing this exercise, I’m including it here: for each writing exercise: 1) try it for “personal” — i.e., any topic, doesn’t have to be for work or site-specific; 2) try it for specific work- or site-related project)

    2) How long do you imagine your course being (days/modules/exercises)?
    for intro/freebie, I’m thinking 1.0 or 1.5 hour
    for first full-length, thinking 8 weeks’ duration, with 1.0 or 1.5 hour group session per week, but am also thinking of a shorter initial offering focusing specifically on interpretive theme writing, maybe 4 hours total/4 weeks.

    3) Write down the steps you know your customer must take from start to finish in order to reach your intended transformation (this may evolve). Create a rough outline of the main lessons or exercises…
    Interpretation is POETRY
    Task Triangle
    From good to great interp: Themes
    Verb Volts #1, 2, and 3
    Strengthening Language #1 & 2
    Creativity (2-3 techniques, including clustering)
    What’s a metaphor (tropes, making it relevant)
    Organization? (beyond beginning, middle, and end)
    Prooofreading and Humble Punctuation

    4) What could you use that you’ve already created to leverage your time and the content for your intended eCourse Creation.
    conference break-out session stuff (LOTS of these over the years, many of which have become incorporated into longer workshops & retreats);
    materials developed for 1- to 4-day interpretive writing workshops (am drawing heavily from a couple of workshops I taught in 2016; one was 1.5 days; the other was 1.0 day)
    my interp writing book (which drew from a lot of the same workshop materials)
    #7 Architekt Forest

    1) If your course were a person, how would you describe its personality?
    upbeat, enthusiastic, engaging, welcoming, high expectations without being intimidating, confident without being overbearing or “know-it-all”

    • 2) What is it about your eCourse and the way you choose to deliver the content that makes it unique, interesting, engaging or entertaining to your audience so they recognize it as being made JUST for them. How will it be different and stand out in the sea of sameness?
    • Blends creative writing techniques & skills with interpretive principles;
    • mix of live and pre-recorded sessions;
    • all pre-recorded audio & video include transcripts;
    • live “meetings” that function like a writing workshop (practice giving and receiving feedback, add a more personal touch, helps develop editing skills);
    • rich content and lots to think about, not just an automated multiple choice quiz.

    3) What can you do to put your own unique stamp of creativity on your eCourse?

    • dragons (course mascot-type and/or build-your-own and/or…still developing this);
    • photography (mine–primarily nature & landscape, tho I have lots of other topics, too);
    • I want to experiment with green screen;
    • am intrigued by animation (but suspect I won’t do that early-on due to learning curve);
    • playing around with graphic novel type format, because that can mimic things like a series of exhibit labels or wayside panels);
    • “fill in the sign” idea (where they post certain kinds of writing exercise results).

    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    The outline looks great Judy, I love seeing this come along.

    Looks like it’s time to get on up to Creatora Heights and flush out the first draft of your course!!

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