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    Found a name and a tagline 🙂 Tell what you think about it ^^

    Wise with Guidance
    Get clarity and expand your awareness to make positive decisions for yourself and follow the good direction in your life.

    Thought about taking my name as a main domain:
    and creating a subdomain for my eCourse


    Lorraine Watson

    I sense you have some really good bones in here and captured the essence. The tagline is a bit bumpy. Is there a way to tighten it up, perhaps hitting the high level key points? Would “Wise Guidance” be appropriate?

    Incorporating health and self-care in some would really bring focus and help people identify with what the course will help with.



    That’s tricky because ‘Wise with guidance’ means the person become Wise thanks to guidance. But ‘Wise guidance’ means that this is the guidance itself that is Wise. Actually, guidance is Wise if the person grows some clarity to receive Wise guidance. You may not receive clear guidance but be Wise because you have Tools for discernment. My opinion is that ‘Wise with guidance’ reflects better what I mean. What do think about it @lorrainewatson ?

    For the tagline, I could replace yourself by health and life by self-care. Because you are right, through making good decision and following good direction we reach health with self-care. Would that be clearer?


    Lorraine Watson

    @peggy, I get what you mean about the nuance in meaning between “wise with guidance” and “wise guidance”. I found your distinction rather interesting as it brought in facets of wisdom. Made me start to wonder if “Wise” is too broad a term, and hence others can bring their own meaning of wisdom to reading your title, which may or may not be what you intend. Have you played around with titles that more directly express what you mean about being “Wise”?

    With your tag line I still get the feeling you are trying to incorporate too much. I see four or five competing for my attention in deciding “this is it, the course I’ve been waiting for”. If you ranked the components of your tag line (ie get clarity, expand your awareness, making decisions, good health, direction for you life), what would be the most important your audience wants to know about.

    I tried playing around a bit for possible alternatives. Very, very rough.

    Making positive decisions for your health and life through expanded clarity.

    Gain the expanded clarity for making positive decisions with your health and life.

    Guiding your life with positive decisions for your health and life with expanded clarity.

    Practical tools for making positive decisions for your health and life.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Great to see some traction here @peggy. @lorrainewatson made some great points that I agree with around your tagline. It felt like too much was being said. A tagline should be shorter and punchier.

    I like the suggestions she’s made and wonder how you could say more with less words?

    What is the most important transformational component that your course facilitates?
    and how will it be written in words that your WHO will say, “Hey, this is for me!” ??

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