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    Penny Claringbull

    I’ve just finished the first Funnelle Caves journal exercise and I realised that I don’t have an issue with much of the marketing I come across.

    I find that many of the people selling various products come across as warm, knowledgeable and fun. I think I’d probably enjoy spending time with most of them. Their webinars are awesome and packed full of great stuff. Their free ebooks are often excellent. Their blog content is comprehensive and useful. I’d love to do their paid offerings.

    The issue isn’t them.

    It’s that there’s so many of them.

    My facebook feed is full of interesting people and wonderful offers. I had to cull my inbox because it was getting stuffed full of goodies I’d never be able to dig into and I was spending my time reading other people’s (free) stuff and not creating my own. Btw – I highly recommend for this daunting task.

    I wish the internet was full of shouty marketers and nothing else. It would be much easier to stand out in a sea of mediocrity. But a sea of quality is a different thing. The free offers just keep getting better and better.

    It reminds me of the beginning of ebook self-publishing.  7 years ago it was possible to sell a poorly edited book with a homemade cover because the technology was new. Then online services popped up and you could access cover designers and editors. Then courses emerged to teach you to do it yourself. Then along came a tsunami of advice on tweaking Amazon. How to build a profile. How to market your books. How to build a community.

    You can still make a living as a fiction writer. In many ways, opportunities are better than they ever were because the audience has grown too. So I’m not dooming and glooming here, I wouldn’t change things because I love seeing the explosion of technology and how it facilitates creativity and change.

    But as a market matures, the skills needed to stand out shift too. And my sense is that the ecourse market is shifting very quickly, even in the short time I’ve been following it. Old school shouters with ridiculously long sales letters will be frozen out, I reckon.

    So I think one of Andy’s comments in another post is becoming more and more true. It will be about connection and trust. And creativity and transparency. Honesty. Sharing mistakes instead of pretending to be infallible experts all of the time.

    I’d be interested to know what other people think – it might just be my slanted facebook feed 🙂



    Lisa R

    I love this post, and I agree Penny.

    For me, I think part of that connection and trust is focusing on meaningful transformation rather than superficial outcomes. My beef with the Facebook marketing flood is how much of it is centred on our modern day equivalent of ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes – How to be an overnight 5-figure this, or a 6-figure that. I’m totally sick of it. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with making money from this stuff, but personally I feel that there’s a problem if we’re not in it for the transformations of our clients as a priority. It’s their success that gets me really excited when I think about the potential of my product. And it’s through their success that the money will come (I hope) and allow me the lifestyle I’d like. I’d like to see more people connecting with their ‘Why’ and their ‘Who’ rather than their ‘How much’.

    Just my two cents…



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    I love your observation of the online market place Penny.

    It is so pure and unJaded, unlike my leans which drove me to the madness to co-create the mountain you’re now walking on. I couldn’t stand what Lisa describes as the “get rich quick” approach to business building, eCourse creation and marketing. I tried it on for a short time and it felt like I was wearing somebody else’s soiled underpants. haha

    The Facebook newsfeed you speak of sounds like another world where Rainbows and Unicorns rule the sky! I love it and perhaps my jaded outlook stops me from engaging and opening my heart and email messages to receiving all the goodies you speak of. I will be less closed and more open to receiving. Thank you.

    The summary of what you share defines exactly what it does and will tkae to create long-lasting success in this market place (i believe) and that’s to be real, approachable and helpful to people and to create a community gathering place where others with the same common interest can get together to discuss, grow, explore and be supported.


    Penny Claringbull

    Unjaded – how wonderful! I was drinking a cup of tea when I read that, and ending up laughing so much that I couldn’t. The reason being that I think of myself as cynical and pessimistic, so that is a gift. Thank you @bradleymorris ! And I’m so glad your views led you to create this – hooray for your jadedness.

    And yes, I agree with you Lisa, there is a lot of get rich quick stuff but there’s also so much amazing information from awesome teachers too. SO much. Which is a bit daunting when you hope to be one of them.

    ps – started laughing again, but at soiled undies this time. Someone else’s. Ewww.



    Brilliant Penny.  You’re southern genius shines.  And, you always have really really helpful links!  Like the  Awesome

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