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    Chris Gilmour

    Hey @andyfreist & @bradleytmorris

    1) I was about to make the same suggestion as Lorraine, and ask where I could see activity across the site. I am still back in Cretora Heights. Near the beggining of the course when we were all working on the same section I was getting lots of comments and feedback on my posts and commenting a lot on others. Now that everyone is spreading out and I need the support most I’m finding I’m getting very few comments and figure part of it is because ppl are further ahead and not looking at the old camp fires anymore. I am also not able to comment on other people posts because I am also not noticing other people posts for the same reason. I just discovered the Activity link but I wonder how often ppl are actually clicking that one? What if instead of the right hand column that shows who was on last but doesn’t really give us any usable information, there was an activity newsfeed down the right hand side kinda like facebook. Then you would be seeing what was going on right across the platform in a more obvious space which may encourage more commenting on ppl in different sections?

    2) I also was thinking for future launches it might worth somehow addressing a code of conduct or even a contract around sharing ideas and people using other peoples ideas. I have not had any issues with this myself on here and feel really awesome about our group but I could foresee issues coming up in the future where people inadvertently or outright use other peoples ideas. In a lot of cases this would hopefully be great as this form seems to be about sharing, but I can imagine there could be some instances where someone shares a really innovative idea, someone else jumps on it and it negatively impacts the original innovators project. I can also imagine some people may be hesitant to share many aspects of there course especially if other people in the course are creating similar courses. Once again I have not come across any problems around this so far, but had wondered if you had thought much about it and if there was some way to mitigate against conflict occurring from this in the future.

    There’s my 2 cents, hope it is helpful, especially point 1



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Hey @chrisg, great great great suggestions.

    I love the idea of having most recent interactions in the sidebar instead of who was on last. @andyfreist, is that something we can do with our current forum model? That’d be cool.

    We are shopping around for a better forum tool as we’re not 100% satisfied with this one.

    A good way to flag us down and get our attention is tag us in your posts when you want feedback: @bradleytmorris and @andyfreist. We’re here to help!

    #2, that’s something we haven’t even discussed, so great suggestion. We’re so open, giving and sharing that we never worry about people stealing our ideas — in fact, we encourage them to. But I could see how this would stop some people from really opening up and sharing themselves in the community. We’ll figure out the best place and way to make the code of conduct. I like this! We want it to feel safe and respectful for all.

    Thanks Chris!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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