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Deb Robson

Kate, you’ve nailed it with “energy or time.” One of the other editors has moved on, out of the loop. Another is swamped with pay-the-bills work. I’m juggling that, along with four other projects that could use crowd-funding, only two of which are my own.

I agree that it would be terrific to have the book readily available, but don’t have the bandwidth myself. The editor/swamped above would know whether there are any hitches with the rights to any of the contributions. I have the production files for the book from the publisher, and have the tools and skills to at least turn it into a PDF format–possibly also standard e-book formats, although I haven’t done much of that (by choice). Mostly there would be administrative issues–managing the crowd-funding, handling the distribution platforms, figuring out where any money generated over distribution costs would be allocated (editors, who did years of work unpaid? authors, who contributed for token payment? combination, and by what percentages, and who does the bookkeeping?).

As long as it’s available on the used market for close to the cover price (running about $25 for used copies, and it was $20 at issue), people can get their hands on it.

I’m already somewhat above my capacity in dealing with publishing logistics. And my notes may be colored right now by the fact that I need to be downstairs figuring out sales and use tax and estimated income tax payments, all of which are imminently due. I have a bookkeeper and an accountant, but unfortunately I still have to do a lot of the grunt work {wry grin}.