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Bradley Morris
Mountain Guide

I love what you said in this sentence:

“I think I am going to create a “pre-requisite” eCourse that will be both foundation and preview of a BIGGER PICTURE CHALLENGE later. After I have actually created something. Learned lots of things. Made the journey up this mountain at least once and either: 1. Know how to do it again OR 2. Realize I never want to do it again. Either way, precious learning.”

This is exactly the thinking we encourage here. Keep it simple round one to know that this is the path you wanna take. You’ll be surprised at how much fun can be had and how much transformation can be facilitated, even with simplicity 🙂

Glad the challenge is accepted.

My recommendation: Give yourself a DAILY BLISS EXPERIMENT. As in, a new experecise in bliss practice. Write it down and then at the end of hte day, reflect if it’s a good one to share with others. Did it work? What would you change? Would or could others’ do this challenge.

Do this for 60 days and you’ll have ALOT of practices, content and processes!

What’cha think?