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Kate Arms

So excited to be into Architekt Forest.

I came into this course with the intention to build a course so I can let go of teaching the material and I am aware of really good reasons for doing it. And, my growing sense that I have already moved past the point at which I am passionate about the project is interesting to observe. In order to connect with the course emotionally, I will need to find a deeper why and reconnect with my longings for the future students of the course to have the skills that I will be teaching them.

When I shift my focus from the students I have taught in the past and to the people who are active in my present life who could use these skills in service of their dreams, I reignite my desire to share this knowledge with them. These people are people who I am supporting in other ways now, but who I would want to take on as private students of this material if I still wanted to deliver the material in that time intensive way. When I think of the course as a way of making the material available to them without sacrificing my careers goals, I become excited about the course in a new way.

And the idea that I will be learning how to build an eCourse that I can use late to teach the material I am currently excited about to people who can’t afford private coaching or aren’t ready to invest in the profound transformation that individual coaching can evoke is also thrilling.