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Deb Robson

High IQ Kids (I do *hate* that title) brings together the perspectives of parents, teachers, psychologists, and some of the young people themselves, looking at different aspects of what they’ve gone through. It was super-hard to find a publisher at all, first because it *was* about high-IQ kids (I mean, how many of them could there be? there’s no market) and second because it was an anthology.

As you know, these individuals are *not* “normal only ‘better’ “. They are wired completely differently. The smartest of them can look really dumb, oppositional, and so on {wry grin}. My daughter was declared “ineducable.”

My favorite essay in the whole book is called “Normal Kids Don’t Quack,” by Cathy Marciniak.

We got the rights back, but haven’t had time/money to re-issue the book in any format. It is still available on the used market–like at