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Eunita L

I celebrate daytrips, small trips, anything that lets us be a tourist in our own backyard. Small trips reinvigorate us! And give us courage to take on larger targets on our travel horizons. Three cheers for travel adventures!

Watching your own veggies and plants grow inside during winter months is a joy! There is a book called Don’t Throw It Grow it. Deborah Peterson wrote the book and its great! Its about taking what we think of as Veggie kitchen scraps and giving them a chance to start new plants! See about getting a used copy from Amazon. The book is old enough now that some folks are likely selling it for much less than retail. Great book, eye opening, so many plants, so many projects! 5 Stars!

I also give 5 stars to growing towers. You can grow greens and herbs in windows that get good sunshine. Then when its warm enough outside the towers can then go gaga with happy plants! And yes, venturing into learning about our food and gardening is always a valuable investment! What a great future to step into!

Its a delight to meet you here Rodolfo! I wish you happy adventuring!