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Eunita L

Three Cheers for Theater Lovers! Volunteering as an usher is a magical insider’s treat! You get to help patrons and see the show! Theater volunteers and community theaters are fantastic creative artist dates! I hope all the theaters reply back to you and ask what your availability is for the rest of the show season! Bravo Bravo — Great idea!

And the bimonthly focus on travel (with the family and alternating with a Mommy Needs A BatterY Recharge solo nite) is a great way to infuse adventure and self care. I like the way you think.

And three cheers for mums who create time to play with their kiddos. Game Mondays is a tradition that creates memories and an anchor of connection for the rest of the week!

Stepping into A future self by creating opportunities to make a big deal out of the little things that bring us Huge joy and satisfaction!

Its a delight to meet you here Kate!