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Deb Robson

Sherry, I hate mice, too. . . . So sorry about your brace! I have KT tape on my hand at the moment. It seems to be working as well as anything, and better than most. It took a while to find a good video of how to apply it for what I need.

I’d love to dock my laptop to some big monitors! It’s a dream.

Ah, yes, the knitting, spinning, weaving, and so on. MOSTLY I teach about types of wool and the appropriate uses for them. Much that’s out there is Merino, which is soft but not durable. Many of the other breeds of sheep are in danger of extinction, due to the appeal of Merino and the predominance of synthetics. So part of what I teach is how to use other types of wool appropriately. I’m wearing a Border Leicester sweater at the moment: sturdy, warm, and may outlast me {grin}. So I also teach workshops on rare-breed wools specifically. And on the physical and chemical properties of wool. I knit, and design for knitting, but I don’t publish most of those designs because I like to make one and move on. . . .

What kinds of fiber work do you do?