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Deb Robson

Textiles and history, Cristin–me, too. AND I’m one of those who is getting older and needs to quit traveling so much, yet I’ve accumulated a lot of information (and am constantly gathering more) that I want to pass on–at least the enthusiasm and ideas, and likely also some content.

Funny. I’m a single parent of a now-grown person who still has needs that require significant amounts of my attention daily. I can say, after more than three decades as this kind of parent, that it’s possible to get a lot done in the times when it’s possible to get anything done. Waving hello also to Kate.

(Relevant to getting stuff done REGARDLESS: One reason I’m here now is that I’ve developed some repetitive stress injuries in my right hand. The question is: okay, given the current constraints, what can I accomplish? I think this course, and a leap forward with my online teaching vision, is one of those things.)