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Kate Arms

I keep running into teachers who seem to think that they need to present themselves with barker-like enthusiasm and the shouting, hyperbolic presentation makes it harder to pick out any useful content in the material.

Keeping this note as a reminder to trust my competence and not justify myself with hype – rather, prove the value of what I have to offer by presenting it directly and without subterfuge. The Barker persona is not playful – it is manipulative and annoying and sends people away.

Playful means holding things lightly, allowing silliness and humour to be present throughout, allowing people to show up as people not roles and personas, and engaging their full capacity as creative and resourceful.

Genuine enthusiasm is contagious. When the material is good, it doesn’t need to be oversold.

I have skill sets from my coaching training and my InterPlay leadership that I can lean into when fear pushes me to overdo things.

I have experiences in my body that I can remember to remind myself of the power I have to transform people’s lives when I show up fully without trying to influence them beyond presenting information they may not have and then asking powerful questions about how that information intersects with their current experience and knowledge base. It may be harder to connect with people in an automated course setting, but it is not impossible and it should be my goal.