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I am so grateful for all of the vulnerability I am witnessing here. It is my favourite thing in the world to be naked with other naked people;) I have been stifling with this question, and have a list of beliefs that I will be doing inquiry on this week to clear. I will also burn them in a literal camp fire on NYE:)
My Fears:
I won’t be able to do it.
Nobody will want what I’m offering.
This will be another failed endeavour. 
I have nothing to say/offer. 
I don’t have time.
I am too lazy.
I don’t want to be seen.
I’ll never be successful in this area of my life. 
I will do all this work for nothing. 
I will be giving myself an identity I have to live up to.
I am making my experiences important.
I will always struggle.

I’m keeping a list in Evernote to add to so I can question these beliefs formerly. If anyone does The Work of Byron Katie and would like to inquiry on any of their limiting beliefs, I’d love to facilitate! These are all so deep-rooted. I’m so grateful for this structured process to keep me on the path!